Song Suggestion Form

Song Suggestion Form

  • Song Suggestion Form

  • Our music ministry has a passion to serve the church by singing songs together that are powerful, truthful, thought-provoking expressions of our love for God. The songs we choose to sing shape our view of God, grow our affections for Him, and call us to respond in worship and obedience throughout our entire lives. So we take this task seriously, and we pray that the songs we sing together will glorify God and bless you as we remember the truths of the gospel together. If you have a song that you think we should sing together and would help us do that, please submit the song in the form below!

    (To learn more, check out this article on what we do at our Sunday morning worship gatherings and find more resources at our worship blog.)

  • Would you happily recommend the song author's ministry/church as a source of true Christian growth?
  • Some songs work in one setting, but not another. What setting would be good for this song? (Check all that apply)
  • Evaluate the Song: Lyrical Content

  • Is the song speaking truth about who God has proclaimed Himself to be through the Scriptures?
  • Does the song exalt God (as opposed to me and my feelings)? Is any subjective expression rooted in objective truth?
  • Does the song center on one or more elements of the gospel (widely defined as the movements of creation, fall, redemption, restoration)?
  • Is the message of the song clear and understandable to the people in our church?
  • Evaluate the Song: Music & Artistry

  • Is the melody written well, and in a way that people could sing along with (as opposed to a showy performance piece)?
  • Would this style of music appeal to our congregation & effectively communicate the message of the lyrics?
  • Could our musicians play this song well, doing the message justice?
  • Are the words and phrases fresh and creative? Does the music match the message? Is there clear creativity and originality that would be appealing?
  • Your Recommendation

  • 0-1: This song should not be used in any of our gatherings
    2-4: This song has several weaknesses, and shouldn't be used on Sunday mornings
    5-6: This song is pretty good, and we should consider using it
    7-8: This song is VERY good, and should be added to our song list
    9-10: Why are we not singing this already? Add it TODAY! :)
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.