Set Free

Set Free

Testimony from Wendy Concerning
Feb. 29 SIP! 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. (Lunch included)
Set Free: Sexual Integrity for Women

Last summer, a local afternoon Christian radio host was interviewing a woman who was working with Walnut Creek Church (a sister church to Stonebrook in Des Moines). The topic was Biblical Sexual Integrity. I was a little uncomfortable with the public forum but was intrigued, so I kept listening.

She mentioned several times God created and designed not just men with sexual desires, but women also. This was not new to me, but how she said it opened my eyes that somewhere along the line I had begun feel guilty just for being a woman and having sexual desires. I had translated the word “purity” into something that God did not intend for it to mean … from perfect to dirty, unattainable, and guilty by chromosomal association. I decided to attend an upcoming seminar.

At the seminar, three women (married and single) spoke, and the next thing I knew it was over. I really wanted to hear more from them. Their openness about such a deeply personal topic made me feel vulnerable and was … freeing. Expectations I had worn like sun glasses fell off as God’s word revealed its truth. Here are some things I have continued to mull over:

  • God created women to have sexual desires. It is a good thing. Fire contained in a fireplace is good. God has given it context, boundaries, and blessing.
  • Outside of that context, sexual desire can lead to harm much like fire outside of a fireplace can burn down a house.
  • God created sex and all humans are sexual beings – our sexual desires are not a surprise to Him. How am I handling the fire God put in me? All of God’s creation speaks of Him. Even this. We are His image bearers.
  • Speak the truth of the gospel of Jesus into this area of our lives. Our sinful thoughts and actions were handled by Jesus. He REDEEMED us in every way!!
  • The internalized assessment of my own worth: shame “I am something bad.” or guilt “I did something bad.”
  • When I address shame and guilt correctly, it leads to freedom … regardless of sin, age, or marital status.
  • Personally, I can be a celibate woman and still hold my head up in the freedom God offers me rather than owning the social shaming of a woman who has never married. And, yes, it is a thing.
  • I do not need to own shame for simply for being born a woman. God was not surprised.
  • “Purity” can seem like a code word for “perfect” – something we can never measure up to, or even “shameful” because I don’t measure up. “Sexual Integrity” is attainable when I am “yoked” with Him.
  • “We are dispensers of truth for God.” (Elizabeth Elliot)

I am very excited about the next Women’s SIP! event because (a) speaker(s) from the Sexual Integrity seminar will be addressing this topic. It is open to girls and women from 5th grade on up. Remember, if we don’t talk about it with the young, someone else will. The world will fill the void with gasoline and light a fire that will burn down their houses. Ephesians 6 tells us to put on the whole armor of God. Let’s get armed with the belt of truth no matter how uncomfortable the topic.

Whether widowed, married, or single this seminar has something for you. My niece (15) and her mother are planning to attend with me … feel free to invite friends.

Please join me here at Stonebrook on Saturday, February 29th from 9 – 12. Lunch will be served from 12 until 1 to give us time to visit about anything we have learned and would like to discuss! The $10 registration fee will cover the cost of lunch and a gift for the speaker(s). Go to to register.