Nov. 22 Announcements

Nov. 22 Announcements

Nov. 22 Announcements

  1. No Nursery for Next Two Weeks
  2. Food Drive for Bethesda Food Pantry
  3. Operation Christmas Child Thank You
  4. Janitorial Position Opening
  5. Sunday Morning Information
    1. Tune into Sunday Service
    1. Pre-Service Zoom Meeting
    1. BLAST
    1. For Kids
    1. Adult Sunday School/Prayer Discussion
    1. Weekly All Church Prayer Meetings
  6. Prayer Requests
  7. Parent and Teen Ministry
  8. Calendar
  9. Sermon Information
  10. Finances

No Nursery for Nov. 22, 29 – Due to a lack of volunteers, no nursery will be offered during the Sunday services on November 22 and 29.

Food Drive – This Sunday morning is the deadline for donating food for the Bethesda Food Pantry food drive. Bring your non-perishables to add to the giant pile of food and paper products that are in the foyer! The food will be loaded up Sunday after church and delivered to the pantry early next week!

Operation Christmas Child Thank You – Thank you so much to all who packed shoeboxes this year for Operation Christmas Child.  The teens delivered 192 boxes Wednesday night and that added to the 35 boxes that were packed online gives Stonebrook a grand total of 227 shoeboxes!   227 opportunities for children all over the world to hear the gospel while holding a box of gifts lovingly packed and prayed over.  Continue to pray for your shoebox and the child that will be receiving it.  Thank you for being a part of this gospel ministry.

Janitorial Position Opening – Stonebrook is looking for a janitor to work once a week (about two hours per week). The position is responsible for weekly cleaning of the nursery, the comfort room, and a list of tasks to be rotated on a monthly basis. If you are interested, contact the office.

Sunday Morning Information
Tune into Sunday’s Service
– Stonebrook services are streamed online at at 10 a.m. CST. Let your friends, relatives, and neighbors know that they are welcome to watch, a great opportunity for them to hear God’s word! PARENTS: find a special PDF print-out to help your kids engage in the service.

Pre Service Zoom Meeting – We will have a Pre service Zoom mtg. for anyone not returning to church.  9:30-10:00. Here is the meeting info.  Join Zoom Meeting. The password is 391072. We hope that you will join us! (Note – we will no longer have the post-service Zoom meeting)

BLAST – Parents of K-4th grade students – We are sending out weekly BLAST e-mails that include our Bible story, Christ connection, and activity sheets.  Please email Naomi ( if you’d like to be added to or taken off that email list. 

For Kids – Dawn Bovenmyer has created some Sunday school videos for your young children to enjoy as an additional activity before or after services on Sundays. Come join Mrs. Bovenmyer and her trusty sidekick Scout for singing, Bible stories, and lots of fun!

Adult Sunday School/Prayer Discussion – Join Ev Cherrington as he leads an adult Sunday school prayer discussion group starting on Nov. 15 from 8:45-9:30 a.m. in the Upper Room. Bring a journal, and be ready to discuss what prayer means, how prayer fits into the life of a believer, and how to pray without ceasing, among other topics. The group will meet either every two weeks or monthly, depending on the desire of the group.

Weekly Prayer Meetings – Please join us for our weekly all church prayer meetings!

– Day/time: Sundays 7-7:30pm. Every Sunday unless otherwise notified.

– Do it via Zoom. Below is the zoom link that will be used each time we meet. 

Topic: Stonebrook Church Weekly Prayer Meeting (Sundays at 7-7:30pm)

Meeting ID: 939 987 4228

Passcode: 998652

Prayer Requests – Stonebrook has a prayer team ready to pray for your requests! If you have a prayer request, send it to If you would like to join the prayer team, e-mail to

Parent and Teen Ministry – PTM will be meeting at the church on Wednesday from 6:50-8:30 p.m. This week we will be decorating the church for Christmas! Please email Tim Hibbing ( with any questions.

Calendar – Sundays – All Church Prayer Meetings (Weekly, 7-7:30 p.m.)
11/22 – Deadline for Bethesda Food Pantry food drive

This Week’s Sermon:  Pastor Matt will preach on “The Twenty-Ninth Chapter
Acts: The Holy Spirit and HIs Unstoppable Church, Part 17.” As we look back on the 28 chapters of Luke’s account of the early church, we find that Jesus’s promise of the disciples: “You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth…” – indeed was kept. We find Paul having successfully made his journey from the outer edge of the Roman Empire, in Jerusalem, into its very heart: Rome itself, carrying the gospel with him and setting the church in motion. And here we are, in the remotest parts of the earth, carrying that same mission. In Acts we find a church which, though 2000 years distant, very closely resembles ours today. And we find the pattern of the church we are to be: worshipping, caring, proclaiming, expanding, and never-fearing church.

Giving Report as of 10/31/2020
Stonebrook’s fiscal year runs from
August 1st to July 31st.
Giving to Date:$134,332
Budgeted to Date:$147,075
Percent from budget:8.66% below budget

Ways to Give at Stonebrook – There are a number of giving tools available at Stonebrook.

  1. Mail a check to Stonebrook Community Church, 3611 Eisenhower Ave., Ames, IA 50010.
  2. Use your own bank’s bill pay system
  3. Fill out a form to authorize Stonebrook to withdraw a certain amount from your bank account on the 5th of each month. Talk to Heidi in the office to get the form.
  4. Use the online giving Web portal.

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