Member’s Meeting May 5

Member’s Meeting May 5

Please mark your calendar for an important all-members meeting, Wednesday, May 5 from 7-9 p.m.  We have some important things to discuss!

This meeting will take place in person only, with no live stream component, but will be recorded for later viewing for those that are unable to be there. There will be some elements we need you for live, however, so please make every effort to be there!

Typically this annual meeting will be at the beginning of the year in January. We had to bump it to this date due to a scheduling log-jam.

A more formal agenda will be forthcoming, but during this time we will:

  • Hear a “State of the Church” update post-COVID. Where to from here?
  • Welcome new members, and hear updates on members who have moved on.
  • Hear some personal and ministry life updates from the elders
  • Get an update from the deacon team on some of their efforts
  • Begin a new practice of “annual re-affirmation” of the elders, where we will give you a chance, yearly, to affirm your commitment to their leadership of the church, and have an opportunity to privately raise your hand if you have some concerns. (This will take the form of a “ballot” that we fill out during the time, with follow up meetings as needed later.)