Luke 8:1-18 Study Questions

Luke 8:1-18 Study Questions

Luke 8:1-18 Divisions

Luke 8:1-15: Jesus tells the parable of the sower.
Luke 8:16-21: Jesus talks about human response to the light of the gospel.

Luke 8:1-15 Study Questions

  1. What do we learn from verses 1-3 about Jesus’s value of and intent for women that are involved in his ministry? How was this different than how women were typically viewed and treated in this culture? (you can find more information at, article entitled “How Jesus Viewed and Valued Women written by James Borland, edited by John Piper & Wayne Grudem)
  2. Look up the definition of the world “parable” using a bible dictionary. (Can use or
  3. Where did the seed fall and what were the results?
  4. What did Jesus mean by the phrase “ears to hear” at the end of vs. 8?
  5. What are the secrets of the kingdom? (refer to Isaiah 6:9, John 6:65, 1 Cor. 2:7-16, Col 1:25-27) How are people enabled to understand the secrets of the kingdom and for what reason?
  6. What did Jesus say was the meaning behind each part of the parable and the spiritual heart condition it described?
    a. Seed:
    b. Seed along the path:
    c. Seed on rocky ground:
    d. Seed among thorns:
    e. Seed on good soil:
  7. Who are to be the sowers?
  8. What does holding fast to the word look like practically?
  9. How does one maintain an honest and good heart? (refer to James 5:16, 1 Peter 2:24, Mt. 3:6, Psalm 119:11 for help)
  10. What does it look like to bear fruit and why is it a process that requires patience. (hint: think the process of God’s sanctification for the believer)

Applications Questions:

  1. How does the holy spirit help me understand the secrets of the kingdom? How am I obeying what I understand, and where do I struggle to obey?
  2. In what relationships am I hesitant to sow the seed of the gospel?
  3. How has God brought forth fruit in my life through his work on my heart? How has He been patient with me?

Luke 8:16-18 Study Questions

  1. Why would hiding a lit lamp be a ridiculous thing to do?
  2. What does light provide to those it shines upon?
  3. When Godly light shines, what does it reveal?
  4. Vs 17-18 is a warning from the Lord. What is that warning and why should it be heeded?
  5. What do people tend to think they have apart from God, and what are the consequences of this mindset?
  6. Who are the “ones who have”?(vs. 18) and what more will they be given?

Application Questions:

  1. How has the light of God in my life impacted my relationship with others and how they respond to me? How do I typically respond when God reveals my sin either through His Word, His spirit, or His people?
  2. How is it comforting that God sees all things and will reveal all things?
  3. Is there anything I am afraid God will reveal about me? How does Christ’s sacrifice comforting and motivating to me to confess my sins regularly?