Luke 1:26-56 Study Questions

Luke 1:26-56 Study Questions

Luke 1:26-38 Study Questions:

1. Who was sent to Mary and with what message?

2. How did Mary respond and what reassurance did Gabriel give Mary in vs. 28?

3. Compare and contrast Gabriel’s response to Zechariah’s “how?” and Mary’s “how?”  How does Gabriel’s response to each reveal the heart attitudes behind the question?

4. What was the name Mary was to give to the promised child and by what other name will he be called?  How do these names reflect Jesus’s humanity and deity?

5.  How was this pregnancy to be accomplished in the face of Mary’s virginity?  What does this teach us about God?

6. How would Gabriel sharing the news of Elizabeth’s pregnancy be a source of encouragement for Mary?

6. What was Mary’s response to the angel’s news?

7. In what ways is it encouraging to see God fulfilling his plan through a simple Jewish girl?

8. How is God’s covenant with David and His kingdom promises to Israel fulfilled through Jesus? (Reference 2 Samuel 7, Isaiah 9:1-7, Isaiah 11, Jer. 33)

Application Questions:

  1. In what surprising or overwhelming circumstances have I experienced God’s faithfulness and favor?
  2. How does remembering that God’s word never fails help me to surrender to God’s plan in the surprise twists and turns of life?
  3. What do I believe about God and how do these beliefs impact my willingness (or lack thereof) to serve Him?

Luke 1:39-56 Study Questions:

  1. Who did Mary go to see after her encounter with Gabriel?
  2. What happened to Elizabeth when she heard Mary’s greeting and what did she exclaim?
  3. What was the reason Elizabeth said Mary was blessed?
  4. How does believing the word of God enable people to experience the power of God?
  5. Note the phrase “he has” throughout Mary’s Song.  What does Mary say God has done?
  6. Who will and will not receive God’s mercy according to vs. 50-53?
  7. How does the grace of God work contrary to the ways of the world?

Application Questions:

  1. What promises do I believe God will fulfill in my life and how does my belief influence my daily walk with God?
  2. How have I used God’s blessings in my life to magnify and bring glory to Him?  Where am I tempted to take his blessings and glorify myself?
  3. God is merciful to those that are helpless, hungry, and humble.  How can I be an extension of God’s mercy to the marginalized in my community?  In what ways could I cultivate more availability or willingness to be used by God to help others?
  4. What are the things “He has” done in my life that cause my spirit to rejoice and my mouth to proclaim his goodness?
  5. If the Biblical truth “God keeps all his promises” is emphatically real in our lives, what would change? (Concluding Sermon question)