Luke 10:38-11:13 Study Questions

Luke 10:38-11:13 Study Questions

Luke 10:38-42 Study Questions

1. When Martha invited Jesus into her home, what was she doing as compared to what her sister, Mary was doing? 

2. What did Marth assume about Jesus and her sister in her angst?  How can assumptions or personal agenda’s impact relationship with others and with Jesus?

3. What “good portion” did Mary choose and why will it never be taken away?

4. How was Mary’s behavior countercultural for a woman in those times?  What does Mary’s behavior teach us about pursuing Jesus today?

5. What types of earthly responsibilities, distractions, and attitudes pull people away from Jesus today?

Application Questions

1. Have I invited Jesus in but neglected to spend time listening and learning from him?  If so, what needs to change so that I can spend time at Jesus’s feet?

2. What demands do I place on Jesus in hopes that my own personal agendas will be achieved?  How do I typically react when my agenda and Jesus’s plan do not align?

2. What expectations of others do I bring to relationships that end up causing frustration?  How can focusing on and listening to Jesus help me improve my relationship with him AND other people?

Luke 11:1-13 Study Questions

1. What do the disciples desire for Jesus to teach them?  Why is this an important discipline to learn and practice?

2. What do you learn about God the Father from Jesus’s prayer?  What do you learn about people?

3. How does Jesus use the story about the man giving bread to his friend at midnight to illustrate persistence and boldness in prayer?  Why is this important for us to understand?

4. Why does our Father in heaven answer prayer?

5. What does Jesus say will happen if we seek God the Father in prayer boldly and unceasingly?

6. Why do we not have to be afraid of the answers God gives to our prayers?

Application Questions:

1. What pattern do I see in the Lord’s prayer that I can use in my own personal prayers?

2. How often am I seeking God in prayer, and is there anything that I am afraid or reluctant to talk to God about?

3. How has God shown himself to be a good Father in my life?