Luke 11:14-36 Study Questions

Luke 11:14-36 Study Questions

Luke 11:14-36 Study Questions

1. When Jesus cast out the demon, what was he accused of and why did this accusation have no logical basis?

2. What was the more logical conclusion and why were some resistant to accepting this?

3. Why is it impossible for people to remain neutral towards Jesus? 

4. What happens to those that choose not to be gathered to Jesus?

5. What immediately happened in the life of the person when the unclean spirit left him?  Why was he unable to maintain the orderly state of his house upon the spirit’s return?

6. How does a person invite God to dwell within them?  What does Ephesians 1:13 promise when a person has true faith in Christ?

7. How does hearing and obeying the word of God bring great blessing to a person?

8. Why is it important to learn the truths of God from his word rather than relying on the good things others say about him?

9. What was Jesus’s response to people asking him for a sign from heaven?

10. What was the sign of Jonah? (read Matthew 12:38-42)  Why did Jesus say something greater than Jonah is here?

11.  Why is it dangerous (and impossible) to try to live life with a divided allegiance between God and the world? 

Application Questions:

1. How does knowing Christ has overpowered Satan and gathered me to himself encourage me in whatever circumstances I am living in today?

2. What kinds of things do I consider to be a blessing from God?

3.  How is the holy spirit helping me put off the old self and allow the peace of Christ to rule in my heart?  Is there any place in my life (in word, actions, thoughts, choices, or behavior) that I am resisting the work of the holy spirit?

4. What commands of God do I find the most difficult to obey?  What scriptures could I write down/ memorize that could help me?  Who could I ask to help me and/or pray for me in this area?

5. Where do I tend to seek the world’s approval rather than God’s?  What am I tempted to desire above Christ?