Luke 11:37-54 Study Questions

Luke 11:37-54 Study Questions

Luke 11:37-54 Study Questions

1. Who invited Jesus to dine with him and for what reason?

2. What were the Pharisee’s astonished over and why?

3. How does inward righteousness result in outward cleanliness?

4. In what ways do people attempt to be “clean” on the outside but neglect the underlying heart issue?

5. Why is God more concerned with a clean heart rather than outward behavior?

6. What did Jesus’s first 3 “Woes” accuse the Pharisees of doing? (sidenote/helps: in Jesus’s time, interacting with graves would make one unclean/defiled, so typically it was paramount that graves of the dead were marked in order to be properly avoided)

7. What is the difference between reputation and character?  Which one is God most concerned about?

8. What were the 3 “Woes” Jesus accused the teachers of the law/scribes of doing?

9. Review Genesis 4:1-15 and 2 Chronicles 24:20-27. How did the religious leaders in the OT treat God’s messengers and why?

10. What was the key of knowledge?  How were the teachers of the law keeping it hidden?

11. What did the Pharisees try to provoke Jesus to do as he was leaving and for what reason?

12. In what ways does Satan try to substitute hypocrisy for reality and what can be done to combat this?

Application Questions:

1.  What things in life do I easily/readily give to God, and what things are much more difficult for me to give?

2. How does Jesus create a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me and why is this such an amazing gift?

3. Where am I most concerned with people’s opinions of me rather than God’s opinion? Where am I trying to put on a good front? Why?

4. What has God given me to help protect me from false teachers and man-made legalism? 

5. Am I transparent enough about my life with at least one other brother or sister in Christ, that sin such as selfishness and hypocrisy could be called out?  How do I react when someone else rebukes me for discrepancies between scripture, my proclaimed faith, and my behavior/words/choices?

6. How often am I including confession in my prayer life, and how would confessing my sins to the Lord and others help me avoid becoming like the Pharisees?