But because You Say So

But because You Say So

Stonebrook Women’s blog- March 2022                        

But because you say so …

Luke 5:5

Simon answered, “Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets.” 

Simon was just getting to know Jesus. In the days prior to this particular morning, Simon had heard Jesus teaching with amazing insight and authority and witnessed him casting out demons and healing many sick and disabled (including his own mother-in-law in his own home.) And now, Jesus turned to address Simon’s own personal problem of the day – that of no fish in his nets.

It wasn’t for lack of trying or of being lazy at his fishing job. Simon and his companions had worked hard all night. And yet they had nothing to show for it except exhaustion and disappointment. For Jesus to suggest putting out to deep water and trying again was probably the last thing Simon felt like doing.

And yet … He did! Why??? Let’s look at his response: “But because you say so…”

Simon had seen enough to know that Jesus was special and that Jesus could work in ways NO ONE else could begin to! And so he trusted him and obeyed.

And we know the result! “When they had done so, they caught such a large number of fish that their nets began to break.” (v. 6) There was abundant blessing in that simple act of submission and obedience.

Isn’t this the way it so often goes in life, ladies? We work so hard and seemingly have nothing to show for it?! Like these fishermen, we can get so tired and discouraged and hopeless as we stare at our “empty nets.” The last thing we feel like doing is going out into the deep water and trying again! 

Yet, we can take courage from Simon’s example! We can remember Jesus’ words (and the power and resources behind them) and let them motivate us! “Put out into deep water and let down the nets for a catch.” Jesus’s words were full of expectation of a catch! Simon had just enough faith to obey and as a result, experienced an amazing miracle. Simon’s biggest catch however, wasn’t the net full of fish that day! He walked away a changed man with a new “career” ahead of him of walking with Jesus and becoming a fisher of men.

Whatever it is that I can tend to feel exhausted, discouraged, or hopeless about, I need to trust and follow my Master’s wise leading. If he tells me to “fish,” (yes, even after a

l-o-o-o-ng night of fruitless fishing!) I should do it, remembering my job is simply to trust and follow my Lord Jesus. When He is in the boat with me, anything can happen! And let me add, the results may not always be what we are envisioning, but they will always be blessed and good with our Master’s touch! Just as with Simon, He has bigger things in mind for us than just a net full of fish … He wants our hearts, our love, our lives! He wants us! And in that fellowship, we are truly filled and blessed!

Dear Lord, Thank you that you are a wise and loving Master, excited and eager to walk through life with me! Even when I am tired and weary of working with no obvious results, help me to trust you, follow your lead, and submit myself and my needs to you. Thank you that you fill in with blessing where my resources, strength, and skills end! Amen!