Luke 12:13-34 Study Questions

Luke 12:13-34 Study Questions

Luke 12:13-21 Study Questions

1. What did the person in the crowd want Jesus to do and what does this reveal about the man’s heart?

2. What is covetousness and what specific thing did Jesus warn not to covet? 

3. Give examples of other things people tend to covet in addition to wealth?

4. In Jesus’ parable, what were the plans of the rich man, and what did he expect his plans to produce?

5. Why were the rich man’s plans foolish according to God?

6. What does it mean to be rich towards God?

Application Questions:
1. Where might I be coveting something that someone else has, and how is that affecting my relationship with them and with God?

2. What treasures has Jesus given me that money cannot buy?

3. How will I know if my plans are for God’s glory or my own?  How will I respond if God reveals that I have plans for selfish gain?

Luke 12:22-34 Study Questions

1. The word “anxious” in Luke 12:22 means “to be torn apart” and “worry” means “to strangle.” How does worrying over the things of life cause destruction?

2. In what ways can worry blind us to the needs of others, the character of God, and the very act of worrying itself?

3 When we meditate on God’s care for his creation, how does this remind us that we can trust him to care for us?

4. What does it look like to have great faith (to win over worry) in life?

5. How does identifying what we worry about help us to understand what our heart is fixed on?

6. What is the difference between being tempted to worry, and actually falling into the sin of worry?

7. Meditate on how God finds pleasure in giving us his kingdom.  How does this motivate you to loosen your grip on the things of this world?

Application Questions:
1. What are the top 3-5 things I tend to worry/be anxious about and why?

2. How is God faithfully providing for me today?  How has He been faithful to provide in the past?

3. What do I have to look forward to as a citizen of the kingdom of God?