Luke 12:35-13:9 Study Questions

Luke 12:35-13:9 Study Questions

Luke 12:35-13:9 Study Questions

1. What are followers of Jesus to be like in verses 35-36?

2. What is different about how the master will treat the ready servants as compared to how an earthly master would normally interact with servants after a wedding feast?

3. Why must those who serve Jesus be ready at any hour and what does “being ready” entail?

4. What reward is waiting for the servants that are faithful and wise while they are waiting for the master to return?

5. How does focusing on Jesus’s future coming help combat becoming entangled or distracted by the world?

6. What will the unfaithful servant in vs 46 receive when the master returns?

7. What do verses 46-48 teach us about God’s just nature and coming judgement?

8. What does it mean that “whom much was given, of him much will be required?”

9. Christ was set on accomplishing his baptism of suffering through his life, death, and resurrection.  How will relationships on earth be impacted by this truth?

10. How does being able to identify/predict the weather support Jesus’s accusation of hypocrisy against the Jewish leaders/people?

11. What is Jesus trying to persuade the crowd to do before it was too late in verses 57-59?

12. What did Jesus say was required to avoid perishing? 

13. Why is repentance such an important step in receiving God’s mercy and forgiveness?

14. What was happening with the fig tree and what does this parable teach about bearing fruit for God’s glory?


1. In what ways am I tempted to fall asleep or stray from my purpose while waiting for Jesus to return?

2. What am I doing to help myself stay awake and ready for my master’s return?  Is there something that needs to change?

3. What rewards do I have to look forward to when Jesus’s returns?

4. Why is keeping a short account of my sins with God important?  Is there anything in my life that I need to repent of and seek God’s forgiveness?

5. What daily practices fertilize the soil of my heart so that I may bear fruit?

6. What fruit is being produced in my life that is bringing glory to God?  Where might I ask God to help me to be more fruitful?