Luke 13:10-14:6 Study Questions

Luke 13:10-14:6 Study Questions

Luke 13:10-17 Study Questions

1. Where and when was Jesus’ teaching, and who caught his attention in verses 10-13?

2.  What did Jesus do for the woman and what was her first response?

3. How did the synagogue ruler react to the healing and to whom did he verbalize his indignation?

4. The ruler quoted Exodus 20:9-10, but what was the true heart position behind his indignance?

5. How did Jesus reveal the hypocrisy of the religious leaders?

6. What can we learn about God’s intentions for the Sabbath day?

7.  What do we learn about how we are to care for those that bear God’s image from this passage?

Application Questions:

1. The woman did not allow the disabling spirit to be an excuse to stop her from going to the synagogue.   How can this example impact my thinking and behavior the next time spending time with Jesus feels hard or inconvenient?

2. In what ways do I tend to hold others accountable to a higher standard than I hold myself?

3. What glorious things has Jesus done in my life that cause me to rejoice?

Luke 13:16-35 Study Questions

1. To what did Jesus compare the kingdom of God in verses 18-20 and what does this teach us about the power of God’s kingdom?

2. In verse 22, what question was asked of Jesus and how did he answer?

3. What does the narrow door represent and what will happen to many because of it?

4. What does the shutting of the master’s door represent and what will people try to do once the door is shut?

5. What situation will people find themselves in when the master says “I tell you, I do not know where you come from. Depart from me, all you workers of evil”?

6. Who will be welcomed into the master’s house and will recline at his table?  How might this differ from what is expected by the Jewish people?

7.What did the Pharisees warn Jesus of in verse 31, and how did Jesus respond?

8. By Jesus’s response, what do we learn about what Jesus is committed to accomplishing and his heart for people? 

9. What do we learn about the people’s heart towards God?  What will people be unable to deny in the end?

Application Questions:

1. How have I seen the power of the kingdom of God at work in and around me?

2. Who, in my life, needs to hear the gospel before the master shuts the door?  Do I have a ready answer about the hope I find in Jesus and what is that answer? (write it out, share it with someone)

3. What parts of my life do I resist giving my trust and obedience to Jesus and how can that be changed?  What scriptures from God’s word can help me remember that he wants me to come under his wings of refuge?

Luke 14: 1-6 Study Questions

1. On what day did Jesus dine at the house of a Pharisee ruler, and what was the intentions of the Pharisees towards Jesus?

2. Some commentators believe that the man with dropsy was invited by the Pharisee’s to test Jesus.  How did Jesus end up turning the test back on the Pharisees? 

3. Go back and review up to chapter 14 how many times Jesus and the Pharisees have been in conflict about doing good on the Sabbath.  What was the lesson or truth that Jesus was trying to teach through each encounter?

Application Questions:

1.  What excuses do I tend to use to put off meeting the needs of others?

2.  What margin do I have in my life that allows me to meet the needs of others as they arise? What, if anything needs to change?

3. How can Jesus help me not grow weary of doing good?