Posts from April 2022

Posts from April 2022

Luke 24 Study Questions

Luke 24 Study Questions 1. What did the women plan to do and what did they find when they arrived at the tomb in which Jesus had been laid? 2. What was the question that the two men in dazzling apparel asked the women? 3.  Review Luke 9:22, 44, Luke 18:31-34.  What had Jesus told his followers in these verses? 4. Why is it important to read and review God’s word, especially in times of distress? 5. What was the…

Luke 15:1-32 Study Questions

Luke 15:1-10 Study Questions 1. What type of people were naturally drawn to Jesus and why? 2. Jesus told the grumbling Pharisees a parable about a lost sheep and another about a lost coin.  What is God concerned about?  What do we learn about His heart for people? 3. How are the Pharisees just as lost as the sinners they despised? 4. What is the joy experienced in being found and what is the joy experienced in the finding of…

Together for Good Announcements

Together for Good TrainingsThe biggest and most important step for all of our volunteers is attending one of our Volunteer Trainings. We have two scheduled for April. These trainings are for anyone interested in volunteering. Attendees can be those who are mostly through the process or some who are interested in learning more before they commit to a background check and such. You can also find these sign-ups on our website  Thursday, April 28th: 5:30-9:00pmNew Hope Assembly of God:

Luke 14:7-35 Study Questions

Luke 14:7-24 Study Questions 1. While Jesus was dining at the house of the ruler of the Pharisee, what behavior did Jesus notice that compelled him to share a parable? 2. What happens to the guest at the wedding feast that arrives and takes the place of honor right away? 3. Where should a guest to the wedding feast aim to sit and why? 4. What is the root cause of exaltation of self?  How is this encouraged by our…