Luke 15:1-32 Study Questions

Luke 15:1-32 Study Questions

Luke 15:1-10 Study Questions

1. What type of people were naturally drawn to Jesus and why?

2. Jesus told the grumbling Pharisees a parable about a lost sheep and another about a lost coin.  What is God concerned about?  What do we learn about His heart for people?

3. How are the Pharisees just as lost as the sinners they despised?

4. What is the joy experienced in being found and what is the joy experienced in the finding of the lost?

5. What do we learn about God’s responsibility vs. man’s responsibility in regard to salvation from these two parables?

Luke 15:11-32 Study Questions

1. What is the definition of the word “prodigal”?

2. What motivated the younger son to demand his inheritance from his father and what type of pain did the father likely experience?

3. What happened to the younger son after he left his father and what did the consequences of his willful and selfish behavior teach him?

4. How does sin promise enjoyment but bring enslavement?  How does obedience to God’s will bring true freedom?

5. The son was brought to repentance.  How is true repentance different than regret or remorse?

6. How did his father react to seeing his son even before receiving the son’s apology?  How does this reflect Gods disposition towards a lost person returning to Him?

7. The prodigal son expected to be a servant, but what was lavished on him instead?

8. What was the older brother’s reaction to return of his brother and the celebration that ensued? 

9. List the ways the older brother showed unforgiveness to his brother and father.  What joys did he miss out on because of his unforgiveness?


1.  How does knowing that God seeks and saves lost sinners give me comfort and confidence in Him?

2.  How does God’s grace free me to serve the Lord without fear of failure or rejection?  How does it free me of developing unhealthy expectations of my co-laborers in Christ?

3. What do I seek apart from the Lord to fulfill my needs and desires?  How can I repent of these tendencies?

4. What do I believe about God’s reaction to my mistakes, failures, and times of rebellion?  Do I draw near to Him or stay away until I can clean up my act?

4. Am I harboring any unforgiveness in my heart towards anyone?  What joys am I missing out on because of it?