Luke 24 Study Questions

Luke 24 Study Questions

Luke 24 Study Questions

1. What did the women plan to do and what did they find when they arrived at the tomb in which Jesus had been laid?

2. What was the question that the two men in dazzling apparel asked the women?

3.  Review Luke 9:22, 44, Luke 18:31-34.  What had Jesus told his followers in these verses?

4. Why is it important to read and review God’s word, especially in times of distress?

5. What was the reaction of the apostles to the news brought by the women about Jesus?

6. Jesus appeared to two men on the road to Emmaus.  Why would Jesus have the two men recount events he already knew about?

7. Who had the men hoped Jesus would be?  How did Jesus help them put the pieces together?

8. When the men’s eyes were opened and they recognized Jesus, what were they compelled to do after he vanished? 

9. What does Christ’s resurrection teach us about who he is and what he has done?

10. What was the reaction of the disciples when Jesus appeared among them?

11. What did Jesus do to prove to them that he was not a ghost?

12.  Jesus opened their minds to understand the scriptures and then what did he instruct them to do?

13. What does the holy spirit enable people to do?

14. What did Jesus do for his disciples right before he ascended to heaven and how did they respond?

Application Questions:

1. How does Christ’s resurrection impact my daily walk with the Lord?  How does it impact my interactions with the world?

2. Recount ways Jesus has revealed himself to you through the Old Testament.  How does the Old Testament impact your testimony of the living Christ to others?

3. Does my daily routine support remembering the words of Jesus?  If yes, is there anything that could be added?  If no, what is one thing I could start doing differently?

4. Christ displayed patience with the disciple’s moments of unbelief or lack of understanding.  In what areas has Christ displayed patience with me?