Luke 16:1-17 Study Questions

Luke 16:1-17 Study Questions

Luke 16:1-17 Study Questions

1. Jesus told his disciples a parable.  Write out the parable in your own words.

2. Define the word “shrewd”.

3. Why was the manager being fired and in what way did he show shrewdness?

4. Jesus was not commending the manager on his dishonesty, but was commending him for what instead?

5. How does being faithful with a little lead to being faithful with a lot? 

6. How is faithfulness impacted by taking an eternal perspective?

7. What does it look like to serve money?  What does it look like to use money to serve God?

8. What are some things in this world that people highly value that God finds detestable?

Application Questions:

1. Is there anyplace in my life that God is calling me to take drastic action right now with the abundance He has given me?

2. How am I currently using the wealth God has gifted me to help others in need and to spread the gospel?

3. In what areas do I tend to think of the money that I have been given to steward as “mine”?

4. Is money drawing me closer to worshipping God, or drawing me away from worshipping God?