Luke 16:18-17:19 Study Questions

Luke 16:18-17:19 Study Questions

Luke 16:18-17:19 Study Questions

1. What did the rich man and Lazarus have in common?  How did they differ?

2. Review Leviticus 25, Exodus 23:11 & Deuteronomy 14:28-29.  If the Jewish people followed God’s laws, what would that have meant for the poor among them like Lazarus?

3. What did the rich man request that Father Abraham have Lazarus do and what do these requests teach us about the rich man?

4. Why would Abraham not send a warning to the rich man’s brothers?

5. The rich man was not tormented for being rich, nor was Lazarus rewarded for being poor.  What was the reason behind where each man ended up after death?

6. What do we learn about a heart of unbelief and unrepentance from this story?  What do we learn about a heart of faith?

7.  How can sin in the lives of believers cause others to stumble?

8. When Jesus referred to “these little ones” being caused to sin, to whom was Jesus referring?

9. What does a loving rebuke of a brother or sister in Christ look like?

10. What are those who have been sinned against called to do when the other person repents?  Why?

11. How is forgiveness a blessing to give and receive?  How is it both a test to our faith and our love?

12. A mustard seed is small but has life in it and can grow.  How does a living faith enable growth in the believer?

13. How does the story of the unworthy servant point us to God’s grace?

14. What does God promise to those who serve him faithfully day in and day out?

15. Both obligation and reward can motivate us to obey God.  But what may be the greatest and most enduring motivation for a heart of obedience to God’s commands?

16. What did Jesus tell the 10 lepers to do and what happened when they obeyed? 

17. What did the 1 leper that returned to Jesus do and what was Jesus’s response?

18. What does a grateful heart produce?  What does an unthankful heart produce?


1.  Am I aware of and interacting with the needs of the marginalized in my community?

2. What has God given me personally to steward, and am I using His blessings to bless others?

3. Is there anyone in my life that I am harboring a grudge against?  How can Jesus help me forgive?

4. Have I had any sin in my life that has caused others to stumble into sin?  Confess and ask for forgiveness from the Lord.

5. In what ways have I seen God grow my faith?

6. In what ways am I like the 9 lepers where I enjoy God’s gift but forget the giver?  What can I thank God for today?