Luke 18:9-34 Study Questions

Luke 18:9-34 Study Questions

Luke 18:9-34 Study Questions

1. Why did Jesus tell the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector?

2. Compare and contrast the attitudes of the Pharisee and tax collector in this parable.

3. What was the tax collector humble about?  Why is this type of humility exalted by God?

4. Define righteousness.  What is required for a person to be righteous in the eyes of God?

5. Who was preventing people from bringing their children to Jesus and what may have been possible reasons to doing so?

6. What does it mean to enter the Kingdom of God like a child?

7. What is the purpose behind Jesus asking the rich ruler “why do you call me good?”

8. What does the ruler’s response to Jesus about keeping the commandments reveal about his willingness to honestly examine sin in his life? 

9. When Jesus said to sell everything and follow him, what was revealed about the heart of the rich ruler?  What beliefs of the disciples were revealed as well in this interaction?

10. Wealth is not a bad thing, however how one interacts with it can reveal a lot about a person’s heart.   How can wealth (or even lack of it) become a barrier between a person and God?

11. How did God make salvation possible in man’s impossible situation?

12. What does Jesus promise to those who sacrifice earthly security and relationships to follow him?

13. Following the discussion about what the disciples gave up to follow Jesus, what did Jesus foretell about what he was about to give up in Jerusalem?

Application Questions:

1. Where am I tempted to believe my acceptance by God is based on what I do or don’t do?

2. A child innately expects unconditional love from a parent and that they can depend on their parent to meet their needs.  What parts of my life reflect that I believe God loves me and will take care of me?  Where do I struggle to receive God’s love and depend on Him?

3. Am I honest about the sin in my life with God and with others in the kingdom of God?  What sins do I frequently struggle with and does the realization and conviction of these sins drive me closer to or farther from God?

4. How has following Christ changed my values and impacted my lifestyle?  What have I sacrificed to follow Jesus?