Support Our Campus Fellowship Missionaries

Support Our Campus Fellowship Missionaries

Luke Anderson and Toby Doffing are full-time missionaries to Iowa State and work with our college ministry, Campus Fellowship. Consider supporting Luke or supporting Toby as they raise support to continue their work with college students.

How CF Staff are Funded 

All of our Full-time CF staff are funded at least partially through Stonebrook’s operating budget which is supported through regular giving from members and attenders.  But since college students typically have little income to financially support the overall mission of Stonebrook on campus, we have looked to a supporting ministry called Reliant (website: to assist us in employing campus staff.  Reliant serves as a hub between local churches, missionaries, and generous donors who support their work, and they also provide training and support for these missionaries. Reliant currently serves around 500 missionaries in the U.S. and overseas.  Since 2006, Luke Anderson has been employed by and raises funds through Reliant.  Toby Doffing is beginning this process this summer as he transitions from part time staff to full-time staff.  

CF Staff Salary Needs

By God’s grace, CF has been thriving the past two years, and to have these staff members available on campus is extremely helpful for college students.  In order to provide an income for them, Stonebrook has committed a portion of its operating budget toward their salary, while also partnering with Reliant for the remainder of their salary needs through generous donors. For the next ministry year, Stonebrook intends to support 29% of Luke’s salary and 25% of Toby’s.  Specific needs are below.