Luke 19:11-48 Study Questions

Luke 19:11-48 Study Questions

Luke 19:11-27

  1. What did the people do to try to prevent the man of noble birth from being appointed king and why?
  2. For what reasons do people reject appointing Jesus as king in their lives today?
  3. What task was entrusted to 10 of the man’s servants while he was gone and what was the outcome of each when the man returned as king?
  4. What does the minas represent in the parable? How are we to put our “minds” to work today?
  5. What was the reason given by the third servant about why he did not put the money to work as instructed? What was the condition of his heart towards his master?
  6. What will Jesus do for those that faithfully obey him in this life? What will happen to those that reject or hate him in this life?

Luke 19:28-48

  1. What did Jesus send his disciples to retrieve for him?
  2. Read Zechariah 9:9.  Why was it important for Jesus to ride into Jerusalem on a colt? What was he declaring and how did the people respond?
  3. What did the Pharisees want Jesus to do to the people? What was his response?
  4. What future event did Jesus prophesy about in vs. 43-44.
  5. Read Matthew 21:12-16, Isaiah 56:7, Jeremiah 7:1-11. Why was Jesus so upset with what was happening at the temple?
  6. What were the chief priests and teachers of the law plotting to do? What was stopping them from executing their plan?


  1. What are some of the gifts that God has entrusted to me to do something with to further his kingdom?
  2. Have I been faithful in using these gifts and how?
  3. Like the third servant, where might I show unfaithfulness out of fear rather than trusting in the goodness and grace of my master?
  4. What can I trust Jesus to do when I am faithful in serving him?
  5. How has Jesus brought me peace?  IN what ways does the world try to steal or quench that peace? 
  6. How has King Jesus enabled all people that desire to come to the Lord in prayer? How are you personally responding to the privilege of being able to approach the Lord’s throne in prayer?