Angel Tree

Angel Tree

It is once again time for the Angel Tree Program (an outreach of Prison Fellowship) where you have the opportunity to purchase Christmas gifts for children who have a parent who is in prison.  To participate:

1.    Check out an Angel tag(s) from the tree and match the Code number from the tag to the corresponding Code number on the sign-out sheet to give us your name and phone number in case you need a gentle reminder to return the gift for delivery.

2.    Purchase a gift in the $25.00 price range from the gift suggestions on the Angel tag.

3.    Wrap the gift and attach the Angel tag (it’s a sticker) and return by Dec. 11 so the gifts can be delivered before Christmas. A gift receipt may be helpful in the case of the wrong clothing size or duplication of other gifts.

4.    Occasionally families move out of the local delivery area and we then ask for gift cards so we don’t have to mail large packages which add to the expense. It has been recommended to us that all gift cards be $25 so that all children are treated the same. Also some of the older children have more discriminating taste and what to pick their own gift. A small gift bag or envelope with the Angel tag will help us  keep track of the gift cards.

Thank you in advance for your sharing this gift of love for these children.