Revelation 4&5 Study Questions

Revelation 4&5 Study Questions

Chapter 4:

  1. Take a moment to read the entirety of chapter 4. How many times is the word “throne” recorded. What is the significance of this word?
  2. Read Psalm 9:7-8. What does the psalmist say God’s throne is for?
  3. How was the one on the throne described?
  4. Where else in the Bible do we find the mention of jasper, carnelian, and emerald? What might these colors symbolize? (Hint: read Ex. 28:15-30)
  5. Where else in the Bible is a rainbow mentioned? What was this previous rainbow a covenant sign of?
  6. God’s holiness, mercy and justice are all symbolized in this heavenly sanctuary. How does God’s mercy and God’s judgement relate to one another in light of God’s holiness?
  7. How were the 24 elders described and what does the description of their appearance help us to conclude?
  8. What does lightening and thunder typically represent throughout the Bible?
  9. How is the Holy Spirit symbolized in chapter 4 vs 5?
  10. The earthly temple was a “copy” of heavenly things (Hebrews 9:23.). What patterns for the temple can you see in Exodus 25-27 that are similar to John’s description of the heavenly sanctuary?
  11. Describe the appearance of the four living creatures. What they were continually saying? What can we learn about God from their worship of praise?
  12. What did the 24 elders do in response to the glory, honor and thanks given by the living creatures to God? What does casting their crowns before the throne tell us about how they saw themselves in relation to God?
  13. Why is God worthy to receive glory, honor and power?

Chapter 5:

  1. What did John see in the right hand of the one seated on the throne? What did the scroll contain/symbolize? (Hint: read Ezekiel 2:9; Isaiah 29:11; Daniel 12)
  2. Scrolls were sealed to prevent unauthorized entry. Why was John brought to tears when he realized that no one in heaven, on earth or under the earth was able to open the scroll?
  3. How were John’s tears addressed by one of the elders?
  4. How was Jesus described by the elder to John, but how did Jesus appear before the throne to John?
  5. The number 7 is one of completeness. What does the seven horns and seven eyes represent in vs. 6?
  6. What did the four creatures and 24 elders do when Jesus took the scroll?
  7. What elements of the gospel are represented in the new song sang by the creatures and elders?
  8. The “purchasing” or “ransoming” people for God establishes Jesus as the kinsman-redeemer. Define Redemption.
  9. Why was Jesus able to redeem people, willing to redeem people, and who is eligible for redemption?
  10. What was the initial and ultimate purposes of redemption?
  11. How are people today willing to acknowledge God as creator but not God as redeemer? Why?
  12. What did Jesus receive on earth verses what he receives in heaven as the lamb who was slain?
  13. What does every creature in heaven, on and under the earth, and on the sea say the one on the throne and the Lamb shall have?


  1. John’s revelation was written to encourage a people going through suffering and persecution. How might chapters 4 & 5 have brought comfort to people in John’s time? How might they bring comfort to you today in the midst of personal trials or suffering?
  2. How does God’s creation bear witness to him and how can we turn what we witness about creation into praises for Him today?
  3. Revelation 4 helps us see God Almighty as a just and merciful creator worthy of all glory and honor & 5 help us see who Jesus is (Lion, Root & Lamb), where He is (in the midst of and before the throne), what He has done (redeemed), and what He has now (all glory, power and strength). How does meditating on these truths help us to find unshakable joy even amidst the weariness earthly life might hold for us now?