Easter Baskets for Together for Good

Easter Baskets for Together for Good

Together for Good invites all of our churches to be a part of blessing our families with an Easter basket for each of our participant children. What we’re thinking for the baskets:

–one basket per child (we’ll provide you the age and gender for each)

–we want to highlight the Gospel, so we’d like one book per basket. Here’s a great list of possibilities categorized by age: https://www.risenmotherhood.com/articles/rm-easter-gift-guides-2022

–the basket can be an actual basket, or something creative, a beach pail, whatever you like

–volunteers from our church would be welcome to hand deliver the baskets to the family if you’d like to help build that relationship

–we’d really like to invite our participant families to our churches. Please include a note of some sort in each basket with an invitation to your church for Easter services and/or any Easter activities you may be hosting

–beyond that it would be up to each person assembling the basket–you can include toys, candy, healthier snacks, crafts, even a pair of shoes or a piece of clothing, whatever you’d like!

If you would like to provide an Easter basket for our participant kiddos, please let Joyce Bannantine know and she’ll help coordinate information on the child. We have 20 kiddos in our program right now, I’m sure we’ll add several more by Easter.