Recommended books on Revelation

Recommended books on Revelation

While The Bible is our ultimate authority on the subject of The End times, none of us are meant to try to figure out the meaning of the scriptures in isolation. Interpretation of The Bible has always been a communal project within the church. In our studies, it is vital that we get perspective from other wise and knowledgable believers who themselves have wrestled with the text and have sought wisdom from others before them.

One of the most strategic ways we can do this is through the blessing of good books.

In our preparation for this series, the elders read through several books together, and many others on our own, to bring to the table for discussion as we seek a direction on how best to teach Revelation.

Here are some of the better selections, which we’d commend to you for your own further study.

Helps for Reading and Understanding Revelation

Jesus Wins, The Good News of the End Times by Dayton Hartman – A very brief (78 small pages!) and handy overview highlighting the clear central theme of Revelation that each perspective has agreed on through history.

Victory Through the Lamb, A guide to Revelation in Plain Language by Mark Wilson – An introduction and overview of the book of Revelation, following a study of one of its key themes: Victory. Written by a missionary in Turkey, where Christians are still today facing the persecution the original audience of Revelation would have faced.

Follow the Lamb, A Guide to Reading, Understanding, and Applying the Book of Revelation by Rob Dalrymple – This book lays out interpretive principles needed when studying the book of Revelation and provides helpful pointers for personal application.

Jesus and the Future: Understanding What He Taught about the End Times by Köstenberger, Stewart, and Makara. This book is not about Revelation, but rather a survey of the “Olivet Discourse” – and other parables and sayings of Jesus in the four gospels. Understanding these sections help us frame John’s message in Revelation.

Helps for Understanding Eschatology (Study of the End Times) as a broader topic

Understanding multiple approaches to a book can be very helpful in giving context to and centering one’s own understanding. We commend these two resources to aid in your study.

Three Views on The Millennium and Beyond – The Millennium is a very small part of Revelation’s teaching, but has taken center stage in historic understandings of end times events. This book gives a helpful overview of the three (four really) major views on what The Millennium is and “when” it will occur.

Four Views on The Book of Revelation – A study of different approaches and assumptions about Revelation and how it impacts your understanding.