Recommended Videos on Revelation

Recommended Videos on Revelation

An Evening of Eschatology – Premillennialism, Amillennialism, Postmillennialism

A round-table discussion of three pastor/theologians, each sharing and debating their views. Starts with a wonderful and strong statement of where they agree. Moderated by John Piper. Pastor Matt got to be present for this (it was a fun time).

Lectures of Progressive Covenantalism and Progressive Dispensationalism

Theological labels are weird and sometimes come with unhelpful stereotypes. Yet still, they are necessary. It is helpful to explain what these labels mean. In this series of lectures and Q&A, the Stonebrook pastors recognize the spectrum of understanding held on the pastor team.

(Note: Please understand that the word “progressive” here is not a political label meaning something like “liberal”, but rather refers to “development of doctrine over time.” Recognizing that historic “covenantal” theology has been built on and nuanced, and so the view has “progressed” and is labeled “progressive” to distinguish it from “classic covenantalism” – same for dispensationalism.)