Revelation 1-11 Review Questions

Revelation 1-11 Review Questions

To the Faithful in study, 

This week our pastoral team will be providing a panel discussion as a review over the first 11 chapters that have been covered in our Revelation series.  Many of you use these study questions in your personal study time and during your community group discussions.  

In lieu of the typical list of study questions this week, we encourage you to go back and review the questions over that past 6 weeks.  This would be a good opportunity to study some of the questions you may have not selected to study previously.

In last week’s sermon, pastor Matt challenged us to notice and meditate on the following 5 applications amidst our study of Revelation:
1.  The authority of Christ

2.  The severity of judgement

3.  The expectation of persecution

4.  The security of God’s people

5.  The victory of Christ

Consider using these applications to direct your meditation and community group discussions for this coming week.  The following questions are examples of ways that you can incorporate these applications into discussion, but feel free to edit/modify or build off the questions as you consider your group discussion participants and needs.

Discussion Question Examples:

  1. Name 1-2 places in Revelation where you notice the authority of Christ revealed.  How have you seen Christ’s authority revealed in your life and the lives of those in your community group?
  2. How does studying God’s judgement help to magnify his love and mercy in your mind?  Why does sin require such severe judgement and how do we tend to minimize the offensiveness of sin?
  3. Have you experienced persecution when trying to share the gospel?  What fears might arise when thinking about sharing the gospel?
  4. Where do you tend to look for security outside of God and why will this never truly satisfy or make you feel protected?
  5. Share a victory Christ has given you over a specific idol, fear or sin.  What comfort do you experience when meditating on Christ’s victory over sin and death at the cross and then his victory to come? How does Christ’s victory encourage you to stay engaged in the battle against the things of this world that tempt your heart to wander?

Other general discussion ideas:

  1. Share one thing that has really impacted you from studying the first 11 chapters of Revelation.
  2. Write down 1-2 questions you might ask one of the pastors about the material covered so far in Revelation.
  3. How has studying Revelation changed or influenced your daily living thus far?