Revelation 6 & 7 Study Questions

Revelation 6 & 7 Study Questions

Revelation 6-7:17 Study Questions:

Suggested passages for additional reading (Matthew 24, Zechariah 1:7-17, Daniel 9, Ezekiel 7, Isaiah 9:6-13, Isaiah 34:1-4, Joel 2:30-32)

  1. What repeated phrases or concepts do you notice after the Lamb opens the first 4 seals? (Rev. 6:1-7)
  2. What was each horse and rider responsible to do?
  3. Where else in scripture do we see the mention of horses? (hint: read Zechariah 1:7-17). What similarities or differences do you see between the two passages?
  4. When the 5th seal was opened, who cried out to God and why?  What was God’s response to them?
  5. What can we believe that God will do in regards to the injustice done to those that belong to Him based on 6:11?  What type of assurance does this give today in light of suffering for Jesus?
  6. What happens in nature in response to the 6th seal being opened?
  7. What do you notice about the types of people that hid in the caves and mountains when the 6th seal is opened? What does this teach us about people and about God?
  8. What was the task of the 4 angels standing at the 4 corners of the earth and for what reason?
  9. What was to happen before the earth, sea or trees were to be harmed?
  10. Compare and contrast what can be learned about the two groups of people described in chapter 7.
  11. How many from each of the 12 tribes were to be sealed? 
  12. Where else in the Bible can you find the phrase “every nation, tribe, people and language?”
  13. What were the multitude doing and where did they come from?
  14. What was the purpose of the multitude and what did they receive in return from God and from the Lamb?

Application Questions: 

  • What do we learn about God’s sovereignty from this passage?  How does His sovereignty encourage you and/or challenge you?
  • Why is it right and loving for God to judge sin and exact justice? Why is it important to acknowledge and understand that God is both merciful and wrathful and not emphasize one over the other?
  • Unbelievers will want to hide from the Lamb, how do people hide from Jesus today?  Why does a believer never have to hide from God? Do you count yourself as someone that has put faith in Jesus for salvation?
  • Are there areas of your life that tempt you to want to run from God in fear rather than run to him in faith?
  • What do you learn about God’s heart for the world from these passages?  
  • In light of God’s impending wrath, how will you respond to God’s call to share the gospel with those that do not know Jesus?  What might keep you from responding to God’s call to go to others and how will you address the tendency to resist God today and in the future?