Posts from March 2023

Posts from March 2023

Revelation 17:1-18:8 Study Questions

Revelation 17:1-18:8 Study Questions: 8. What can be learned about God’s sovereignty from vs 17? 9. How have you seen Satan subtly use elements of God’s truth to create counterfeit religious systems? 10.  What does the beast do to the very prostitute that it carries?  What does that teach us about the ultimate outcome of participating in Satan’s work? 11. What helps a person discern the subtleties of Satan’s work? 12 What did the angel announce in the beginning of…

Revelation 14 Study Questions

Revelation 14 Study Questions 5.   What are three characteristics displayed by the saints in verse 12? 6.   Who are considered the “blessed” in vs. 13 and what are they promised? 7.   What will those with the mark of the beast receive in the final judgement? 8.   The sickle in the hand of the “one like the Son of Man” is a representation of what? 9.   How did Jesus view the harvest in John 4:35-38 and…

Revelation Question and Answer Panel Discussion

On March 11, 2023, pastors Dave, Brad, and Matt joined discussed more detail on the book of Revelation, Eschatology (study of the end times), and also responded to questions from the audience. Some great discussion was had. Questions asked included the following: