Posts from March 2023

Posts from March 2023

Join us for Good Friday Service, April 7th 6:30pm

Good Friday can only be called “good” because in it, we see the most evil act in all of history—the murder of the universe’s good and perfect maker— was also the greatest victory. Jesus conquered sin and death and all the brokenness it brings so that we could be made right with God and have an eternal hope and peace. This pivotal moment demands that we take a step back in wonder to ponder the events that took place and…

Revelation 14 Study Questions

Revelation 14 Study Questions 5.   What are three characteristics displayed by the saints in verse 12? 6.   Who are considered the “blessed” in vs. 13 and what are they promised? 7.   What will those with the mark of the beast receive in the final judgement? 8.   The sickle in the hand of the “one like the Son of Man” is a representation of what? 9.   How did Jesus view the harvest in John 4:35-38 and…

Revelation Question and Answer Panel Discussion

On March 11, 2023, pastors Dave, Brad, and Matt joined discussed more detail on the book of Revelation, Eschatology (study of the end times), and also responded to questions from the audience. Some great discussion was had. Questions asked included the following: