Revelation 14 Study Questions

Revelation 14 Study Questions

Revelation 14 Study Questions

  1. List the characteristics given in the description of the 144,000.  What questions come to mind from vs 1-5?
  2. In what previous chapter in Revelation was this particular number (144,000) mentioned and who was represented in this number?
  3. Define “redeemed” and “blameless.”  Why are those redeemed by the Lamb (Jesus) considered blameless?
  4. In 14:6-12 there are proclamations by 3 angels.  Record below what can be learned from each angel:
    1. Angel 1:
    2. Angel 2:
    3. Angle 3:

5.   What are three characteristics displayed by the saints in verse 12?

6.   Who are considered the “blessed” in vs. 13 and what are they promised?

7.   What will those with the mark of the beast receive in the final judgement?

8.   The sickle in the hand of the “one like the Son of Man” is a representation of what?

9.   How did Jesus view the harvest in John 4:35-38 and Matthew 9:35-38 in comparison to this harvest in Revelation 14?

10. In the past, where was the judgement for sin offerings given? (See Lev 4:12, 21; 9:11; 16:27 & Hebrews 13:11-12). 

11. Where is the judgement of those thrown in the winepress to occur? What is the difference between earlier judgements/offerings outside of the city and this one in Revelation 14?

12 Where else in scripture has a winepress been mentioned?  What does it typically symbolize? (See Isaiah 63:2-6; Joel 3:13; Rev 19:13-16)


  1. Does God see me as blameless?  Why or why not?
  2. What does it look like in my own life to follow the Lamb wherever he goes?
  3. How has understanding God’s redemption of me impact the way I live my life?
  4. Where have I had my endurance, obedience and faithfulness to Christ tested in the past or even now in my present circumstances?  How does the future promise of rest with the Lord help me to persevere now?
  5. In what ways do I see people in the world ripened with sin?  Is what I am seeing in the world causing me to more often engage the lost for Jesus OR to retreat to the insulation of my christian community?
  6. Who is God calling me to pursue in prayer and relationship for Jesus and what will my next step be?  Share this with another brother/sister in Christ and ask them to hold you accountable.