Revelation 17:1-18:8 Study Questions

Revelation 17:1-18:8 Study Questions

Revelation 17:1-18:8 Study Questions:

  1. What was John invited to see at the beginning of chapter 17?
  2. What repeated words or phrases stand out to you in chapter 17:1-6?
  3. What reoccurring sin has prostitution/harlotry been used to symbolize throughout the Bible? (Helpful examples: Isaiah 1:21, Isaiah 23:16-17, Nahum 3:4)
  4. Describe the woman sitting on the scarlet beast.  With what city is the woman associated?
  5. Read Genesis 10:8-11 & Genesis 11:1-9.  What are some of the historical facts about the original city of Babylon?
  6. John is given an explanation of all the symbols in Revelation 17:7-18.  Write the given meaning of the symbol below:
    1. The woman:
    2. The beast:
    3. The seven heads:
    4. The ten horns:
    5. The waters

8. What can be learned about God’s sovereignty from vs 17?

9. How have you seen Satan subtly use elements of God’s truth to create counterfeit religious systems?

10.  What does the beast do to the very prostitute that it carries?  What does that teach us about the ultimate outcome of participating in Satan’s work?

11. What helps a person discern the subtleties of Satan’s work?

12 What did the angel announce in the beginning of chapter 18:1-3?

13. In vs 4, God calls His people to separate themselves.  List some reasons God has called his people throughout history and even now to be “set-apart”?

14. What specific crimes are noted in Rev 18:1-8 that bring God’s judgement?


  1. God made a way out of being enslaved by idolatry through Jesus.  In what ways have I experienced freedom because of Jesus?
  2. What are the things of the world that tend to look appealing to me, but will never truly satisfy?
  3. In what ways does God’s sovereignty comfort me, and/or challenge me?
  4. Rather than seeking self-glory, in what ways can God be glorified through me today?