Revelation 19:17-20:15 Study Questions

Revelation 19:17-20:15 Study Questions

Revelation 19:17-20:15

  1. What were the birds invited to feast upon at the great supper of God?  Why?
  2. Who gathered together to wage war against the rider on the horse and what was the outcome?
  3. What can be learned about going to battle with Jesus and/or against Jesus?
  4. Who seized the dragon (Satan) and what was done with Satan after he was bound?
  5. For what reason was Satan sealed in the abyss and for how long?  What does this teach us about Satan’s power against God?                                            
  6. What did the souls of the martyrs experience during this time versus the rest of the dead?  How does this bring comfort to those who testify to the work of Jesus today?
  7. What is the first resurrection and why is it a blessing to those who receive it?  Who made it possible to receive this blessing?
  8. For what purpose is Satan released from his prison?
  9. What is the difference between “feigned submission” to Christ and true faithful submission to Christ?
  10. God’s judgement is swift, just and all consuming in vs 9-10.  In what ways does Satan deceive people today into delaying submission to Christ and putting sin in their life to death?
  11. What is the difference between the judgement of believers and the judgement of unbelievers?
  12. Heaven and earth fled from the presence of the one seated on the great white throne and there will be no place for sinners to hide. Who is the judge on the throne? (See Matthew 19:28; John 5:22-30, Acts 17:29-31)
  13. Where will bodies be resurrected from according to 20:13?
  14. What were the dead judged by? 
  15. Scripture tells us that good works are not what gives entrance into heaven, so for what reason are the dead’s works being judged by Christ?
  16. Why do so many people in the world reject the doctrine of hell?  How does hell witness to the righteous character of God?


1. Why can I trust that Jesus is willing to powerfully fight with and for me when I encounter spiritual battles or trials in my life?

2. What types of fears arise when I sense the spirit’s urging to share testimony about Christ?    What does Revelation chapter 20 and the whole of scripture teach me that can speak truth into the fears that keep me from sharing the gospel?

3. Why is it sometimes hard for me to see the ugliness of sin the way God sees it?  What will help me see it for what it truly is?

4. Where might I be resting in confidence on my laurels (good works) rather than in Christ’s good work?