1 Timothy 1 Study Questions

1 Timothy 1 Study Questions

1 Timothy 1 Study Questions

Special note: As we begin to study this new series, take some time to familiarize yourself with the context in which the epistles of 1 & 2 Timothy take place.  You can easily find this information in the introduction of the books in a good study bible.

  1. How did the apostle Paul refer to Timothy in verse 2?  What does this imply about Paul and Timothy’s relationship to one another?
  2. Read Acts 16:1-5 and 1 Co 4:17.  What do you learn about Timothy from these passages?
  3. What was Timothy supposed to instruct the people of Ephesus about and why?  What was to be the end goal of Timothy’s instruction?
  4. What constitutes sincere faith?
  5. For whom does Paul say the law is meant?  How can the law be used legitimately and/or illegitimately?
  6. How is the law not the gospel, but the gospel not lawless?
  7. What is sound doctrine and how does one determine between sound doctrine and false doctrine?
  8. Who are some of the false teachers that can be identified in our culture today?
  9. Who did Paul say he was before Jesus appointed him to ministry (look in 1:13 & 1:15)?  What did Paul receive from Christ Jesus?

10.  According to vs 15, what saying is trustworthy and deserving of full acceptance?

11.  How is Christ Jesus’s extraordinary patience demonstrated by his mercy?

12. List all the attributes of Jesus and God that you see in the first chapter of 1 Timothy.  Which  attribute do you find especially encouraging for today?

13. What did Paul say would come about for Timothy if Timothy committed to recalling Paul’s instructions?  What happened to those that had rejected Paul’s instruction?

Application Questions:
1. Who has or is currently mentoring/discipling me and how has this relationship impacted my faith?  Lift up a quick prayer thanking God for this person/s.

2. What is God calling me to do in order to be available and prepared to win the lost, disciple/mentor the saved and defend the faith?

3. How does the grace given to me by God help me from not only falling into the bondage of legalism but also avoiding abusing grace to justify my sin?

3. Like Paul, what words would I use to describe myself prior to Jesus extending grace and mercy to me?  How would I describe myself now after accepting that Jesus came into the world to save me—a sinner?

4. In what ways am I personally experiencing the extraordinary patience of Jesus?

5. How does studying God’s Word help me fight the good fight?  Share specific verses or scripture passages that consistently give you strength?