1 Timothy 4 Bible Study Questions

1 Timothy 4 Bible Study Questions

1 Timothy 4 Bible Study Questions

  1. According to the Spirit, some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to what?
  2. What are ways Satan uses people within the church to accomplish his work?
  3. What are some examples of deceitful spirits and teachings of demons that are expounded by false teachers today?
  4. What were liars with a seared conscience forbidding people to do?
  5. What causes a seared conscience in the first place?
  6. Paul was warning of false doctrine and legalistic living.  What are ways legalism sneaks into churches today?  What are ways God’s good grace is abused in churches today?
  7. What do we learn about the power of God’s word and prayer when we receive good gifts from God with thanksgiving?
  8. What instructions are given from Paul to Timothy in verses 6-8?
  9. What does it practically look like to train for godliness in the life of a true believer?
  10. How does training in godliness benefit people now and in the life to come?
  11. Why was it important for the church to see Timothy devoted to cultivating and immersing himself in practices that would foster spiritual growth?

12.  For what reason was Timothy to keep a close watch on himself?


  1. Are there repetitive sin patterns in my life that risk searing my conscience to the conviction of the holy spirit?  How will I involve other believers in helping me in this area?
  2. How am I tempted to depend on my own works or man-made expectations rather than on God’s grace to demonstrate my worthiness? 
  3. What spiritual disciplines are in place in my life that are growing me in godliness?  
  4. How has God enabled/empowered me to grow in my godliness?  Where might I not be cooperating in the process and what changes could I make?
  5. Timothy was to teach and set an example for the believers in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity.  Reflect and record your own daily living with the following prompts:
    a. The majority of my speech revolves around…

      b. When no one is looking I tend to act….

      c. The very last loving thing I remember doing was….

      e. My daily decisions reflect that the object of my faith is….

      f.  My public behaviors show that my heart is set on…./My private behaviors show that my heart is set on….