1 Timothy 5 Bible Study Questions

1 Timothy 5 Bible Study Questions

1 Timothy 5 Bible Study Questions:

1. What is the difference between a rebuke and an encouragement?

2. What are the characteristics of a true widow that is above reproach?

3. Why is a lack of provision to those that are dependent on you a denial of faith, making one  worse than an unbeliever?

4. For context on verses 9-11: some older widows had been enrolled to serve the Lord and care for the church and in turn the church would provide for their needs.  What were the requirements that would enable a widow to have this role?

5. Why did Paul instruct Timothy NOT to enroll younger widows?

6. What were the responsibility of a believing woman to relatives that were widows?

7. What do we learn about God’s heart for both the church and widows from these instructions? (Also see Duet. 10:18, 24:17; Isaiah 1:17; James 1:27)

8. How was the church to treat their elders according to vs 17-18?

9. How were accusations against elders to be handled?  How does this instruction provide protection for both the elder and the church?

10. Why can partiality be so destructive in the church?

11. What is the ultimate goal behind rebuking another engaged in sin?

12. Why is observation of a person and their lifestyle over the course of time important in regard to determining true character?


1.How have I seen the church body be a gift of support to those that have no one else to reliably care for them?

2. What opportunities has God given me to be well-known for good deeds and how have these opportunities affected my life and the life of others?

3. Have I ever criticized a church leader for their minor imperfections, failure to meet my personal expectations, or lack of personality compatibility?  What would God have me do to remedy past criticalness?

4. What are ways God is calling me to encourage my elders and other church leaders at this time?