Exodus 3-4 Bible Study Questions

Exodus 3-4 Bible Study Questions

Exodus 3-4 Bible Study Questions

Exodus 3

  1. Moses encountered God at Mt. Horeb.  By what other names does the Bible refer to this mountain? (Hint: see Exodus 4:27, Exodus 18:5 and Exodus 31:18)
  2. What drew Moses to examine the burning bush more closely?
  3. How did the Lord identify Himself to Moses?
  4. What plans did the Lord reveal to Moses in vs. 7-11?  How did Moses respond?
  5. What was the sign that the Lord would give Moses to show that He was certainly with him in this rescue plan?
  6. By what name is God to be remembered in every generation?
  7. What was Moses supposed to ask the king of Egypt and what did God say the king’s reaction would be?
  8. How was God planning to deal with the Egyptian king’s obstinance as revealed to Moses?
  9. What can be learned about God from chapter 3?  What can be learned about people from chapter 3?

Exodus 4

  1. How was God going to equip Moses to be able to prove to the people that the Lord did send him?
  2. What was Moses’s personal concern about his speech and how did the Lord respond to that concern?
  3. Moses had many concerns and questions about what God was asking him to do.  What were all of these concerns/questions really revealing about Moses?  What did God’s responses reveal about God?
  4. What did God say would happen in Egypt once Moses returned?
  5. Why would God harden Pharaoh’s heart to not let the people go when God wanted to rescue his people?
  6. What personal questions arise in response to the fact that God chose to harden Pharaoh’s heart? (See Bible references/Pastoral commentary following the application section)
  7. Why do you think vs. 24-26 were included in this account?  What do we learn from these verses?
  8. Who was instructed to meet Moses in the wilderness and what did this person help Moses do?
  9. What was the response of the people to Aaron’s account of Moses’s encounter with God?


  1. Like Moses, how has God included me in His great rescue plan through Jesus and in what ways have I responded to His call?
  2. What promises and encouragement does God give me today that He is with me and for me even in the face of fearful or challenging circumstances?
  3. Who has God brought into my life at just the right time to help me with what I am facing?
  4. How has God shown patience with me in times of doubt and reluctance to obey?

*Note on the hardening of Pharaoh’s heart:

Pastor Brad recommends that you examine Romans 1:24-28 because it sheds some light on how God deals with sinful hearts:  He gives them over to more sin.  One author described it as, “The judgment for sin is more sin.” 

In addition the following study notes in the CSB Study Bible state this:

“When the Lord hardened hearts, it was a matter of executing judgment against confirmed rebels, not people who otherwise wanted to serve the Lord (Dt 2:30; Jos 11:20; Is 6:9–10; 63:17). It meant that Pharaoh would not listen and obey but would demonstrate that he deserved God’s judgment.”