Exodus 7-11 Bible Study Questions

Exodus 7-11 Bible Study Questions

Exodus 7-11 Bible Study Questions

  1. What were the purposes of God in his working of miracles and plagues in Egypt?
  2. The serpent was a sign of immortality to the Egyptians.  What message was sent when Aaron’s staff serpent swallowed the staff serpents of the magician’s of Egypt?
  3. Which 3 miracles were counterfeited by Pharaoh’s magicians?
  4. The magician’s powers were limited to mimicking God’s signs and wonders, but could not reverse them.  How does Satan use mimicry today to oppose the work of God today, and how will he use it in the last days before the coming of Christ?
  5. Define the word “plague.”
  6. What does it mean when it has said that someone has “hardened their heart?”
  7. Pharaoh sought relief from God’s plague instead of repentance of his sinful heart.  In what ways have you witnessed others (or yourself!) approach God like this today?
  8. Look up the following gods of Egypt and consider the specificity of the types of plagues God sent: (this can be done with a simple google search “Egyptian god ______”)
    1. Hapi
    2. Heqet
    3. Set
    4. Uatchit
    5. Osiris

  What message was God trying to send to the Egyptians about their gods?

9. Who was spared from experiencing the consequences of plagues 4-9, why and what does this teach us about God?

10. What were the four compromises Pharaoh attempted to make with Moses & Aaron, and why were they rejected?

11. How is attempting to bargain with God’s will a demonstration of pride?

12. Read Proverbs 9:10.  What does it mean to have fear of the Lord and how is this fear lived out?

13. Based on Ex. 9:15-16, how has God shown Pharaoh mercy?

14. What did Pharaoh rightly admit about himself and about God in Ex. 9:27, and why did Moses not believe Pharaoh was sincere in his speech?

15. What additional reason for the plagues did God give to Moses in Ex:10:1-2?  Why is teaching the next generation about God and what he has done so important?

16. Based on Ex. 4:22, why was the first born of Egypt the recipient for the last plague? 

17. Why was God not unjust in any of His actions towards Pharaoh and the Egyptian people?

18.  Read Galatians 6:7.  How did what Pharaoh reaped reflect what he had sown?

19. How was Genesis 15:13-14 and Ex. 3:21-22 fulfilled after the last plague?  What does this teach us about God’s sovereign grace?

1.  How does my heart respond to God’s will when things don’t go the way I plan?  How does God help me align my will to His?

2. How has God kept my heart from being hardened by sin?  What areas of my life am I tempted to disobey or diminish God’s authority and instruction?

3. In what ways have I tried to bargain with the will of God?

4. What things do I fear losing or experiencing in my life and how does this impact the choices that I make and how I prioritize my time?  Are there things I fear more than I fear God?

5. What opportunities has God given me or is calling me to, to be able to teach the next generation about him?

6. Where has God shown me grace this week?