Exodus 18 Bible Study Questions

Exodus 18 Bible Study Questions

Exodus 18 Bible Study Questions:

Exodus 18:1-12 

  1. What occupation did Jethro hold and why did he bring Moses’s wife and two sons to the Israelite camp at the base of the mountain of God?
  2. How was Jethro received by Moses and what did Moses have to tell him?
  3. What caused Jethro to rejoice and how was he changed by what Moses shared with him?
  4. How can we know today that the Lord God is the one and only true living God?
  5. What did Jethro’s offerings and sacrifice and shared meal with Aaron and the elders of Israel signify about Jethro’s disposition towards the people of Yahweh?

Exodus 18:13-27

6. What did Jethro notice Moses doing for the people and why did he express concern?

7. What are ways Christians today try to carry out God’s calling by “doing it alone” rather than depending on others?

8. What was Jethro’s suggestion for a solution to Moses’s problem? 

9. Read Acts 6:1-7.  How was the situation in the new testament church similar to the Jethro’s advice to Moses.

10. What gifts or benefits are withheld when only one or a few people do all the work, and others are not included in serving and leadership?


  1. What possible results could occur if I recount all the Lord has done for me to another person?  When is the last time I have done this, and who is the next person I want to do this with?
  2. What prevents me from asking for the help of other people, not only in ministry but also in general?  
  3. What is one responsibility I have taken on recently that could be better accomplished by including other people?  How will I go about pursuing including them?
  4. What is some advice I have received from an older and wiser person that has blessed me and helped me to love others well?