Exodus 19 & 20 Bible Study Questions

Exodus 19 & 20 Bible Study Questions

Exodus 19 & 20 Bible Study Questions

Exodus 19

  1. Review Exodus 3:12.  How did the Lord fulfill his promise to Moses as seen in Exodus 19?
  2. God gave the Israelites freedom from the Egyptians to do what? (See 19:5-6)
  3. Christ has given people freedom in his righteousness to do what?
  4. The Israelites lost a sense of physical security (food, water, shelter) when they left Egypt, but gained both spiritual and physical freedom in the wilderness.  How is God using this time and freedom in the wilderness to mature their faith?
  5. What types of “wildernesses” does God use today to mature the faith of those who follow him?
  6. Why would God call the Israelites a holy nation in vs. 6 and what does that mean?
  7. How did the people respond to all that the Lord had commanded?  

Exodus 20

  1. How do the ten commandments reflect the character of God?
  2. Name at least 2 benefits experienced by the Israelites from being given the 10 commandments by God.
  3. How does the giving of the law/Mosaic covenant pave the way for the birth of Christ?
  4. When the first four commandments are readily obeyed, how does this impact obedience to the last 6 commandments?
  5. How would worshipping other gods tarnish the witness of God to the world through the Israelites?  How would worshipping other gods impact Israelite families?
  6. What is an idol?  
  7. What is important about God’s name? What are ways God’s name is dishonored today? 
  8. How was God blessing the people with the command to honor the Sabbath?

16. What are ways God wants parents to be honored?

17. Why is the murder of another person a direct attack against God?

18. In what ways are adultery, stealing and bearing false testimony related to each other?

19. How does the first and tenth commandment deal with the human heart versus behavior?  

20. How does covetousness threaten a person’s obedience to the nine other commandments?


  1. In what ways am I and those interacting with me experiencing the freedom of righteousness given to me through Christ?  
  2. What wilderness has God faithfully taken me through to challenge and deepen my faith?
  3. What idols have been threatening my whole-hearted devotion to God recently?  What practical steps will I take to remove these idols?
  4. What types of things do I typically covet?  What sin has covetousness led me into?
  5. What things can be remembered and recounted in my life that can be used to honor the name of God today?