Pray: Cultivating a Passionate Practice of Prayer

Pray: Cultivating a Passionate Practice of Prayer

Prayer is hard. Harder than it seems it should be. We are busy, distracted, and unsure if our time spent in prayer is actually amounting to anything. We want to have a vibrant, passionate prayer life, but instead we may have one that is cold and apathetic. What is the cure for this? It is a true, biblical understanding of prayer.

Pray is a 6 week that study that will:

Help you overcome the lack of a desire to pray. Show you how to make time for prayer even when you are busy. Answer your questions about why God answers yes to some prayers and no to others. Teach you how prayer can be a source of strength in times of sorrow, anxiety, and frustration.

***This study will be offered in the mornings from mid-May to Mid-June, and then it will be offered again in the evenings from mid-July to Mid-August.

Bible Study Leaders:
9:30am-11am • Tuesdays, May 14-June 18 with Ashley Buller
7:00pm-8:30pm • Wednesdays, July 10-August 14 with Stephanie Harris

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