Discussion questions: Praying the Psalms of Deliverance

Discussion questions: Praying the Psalms of Deliverance

Praying the Psalms of Deliverance

Bible Discussion Questions:

Praying for God’s Deliverance using Psalm 34 as an example:

  1. Reflect on David’s immediate response to God’s deliverance in Psalm 34:1-3.  What can we learn from his attitude towards God’s daily protection and deliverance in our own lives?
  2. Explore the verbs and action phrases in verses 4-7.  How can we apply these actions when seeking God’s deliverance?  What do these verses reveal about God’s character and His response to those who seek Him?
  3. Reread verse 5.  a) What does our ultimate joy come from as believers and how can we align our daily joy with our ultimate joy in our prayers?  b) Why do we not need to be ashamed? (hint:  consider Paul’s testimony in 2 Timothy 1:12.)
  4. Consider the significance of “taste and see” in verse 8 and its connection to our past experiences of God’s goodness. How does ‘taste and see’ influence your personal desire to seek Him for deliverance? Reflect on 1 Peter 2:2-3 and its impact on drawing near to God.
  5. Examine the blessings of fearing and seeking the Lord in verses 9-10.  What does ‘lack no good thing’ mean from a biblical perspective?  How does this shape our understanding of God’s provision and contentment in our lives?
  6. Analyze verses 15-22 and discuss the theme of God’s deliverance for the righteous. How can a person be accounted as righteous? What is God’s ultimate deliverance for the righteous through Jesus?

Application Questions:

  1. Take a moment as a group to pray and express gratitude for God’s ultimate deliverance through Christ.
  2. Pray for any church ministry you are involved in (or any friends in your mind) and pray that God uses the ministry (or you) to bring His deliverance to people.
  3. Share with the group your current fears or troubles.  Pray together for God’s deliverance and comfort in those areas of our lives.