Renew Ministry

Renew Ministry

What is Renew Ministry?

Transformation from the Inside Out.

The goal of Renew Ministry is to equip Christ followers with tools to transform their own hearts and the hearts of others who are troubled in soul or stuck on their journey toward godliness. These tools uncover and resolve inner conflict and unburden hearts weighed down by falsehoods implanted during life experiences.

Through Renew Ministry your love for God and relationships with others can be greatly enhanced as God transforms you from the inside out.

The ministry’s undergirding principles come from many sources, including Transformation Prayer Ministry, The Immanuel Approach to Inner Healing, Internal Family Systems Therapy, Equipping Ministries International, and over four decades of pastoral counseling experience.

What Renew Ministry IS:

  • Christ, gospel, and prayer centered
  • A focused look at emotions and inner conflicts
  • Focused on changing false core beliefs
  • Helpful in resolving trauma and childhood wounds
  • Effective in overcoming addictions and other harmful coping strategies
  • Helpful in processing grief and loss
  • Curious, Creative, and Compassionate
  • Grace filled, accepting and respectful
  • Confidential

What Renew Ministry is NOT:

  • Shaming or lecturing to improve
  • Fruitless introspection
  • Pathologizing through labeling
  • Focused on self-esteem, but on God
  • Hypnosis, regression therapy, or guided imagery
  • Receiving visions or new revelations
  • The only or best approach to spiritual transformation
  • A substitute for the spiritual disciplines
  • A quick, easy, or painless way of resolving brokenness

Renew Testimonials

Something is so different in my heart since God led that “hiding part” of me out of the hole I was in, wrapped me in His arms, and told me it’s safe right there with Him. I don’t need to run anymore and I don’t need to hide.

Through Renew ministry I have grown in my relationship with the Lord. I am much more open with God and have an easier time hearing from Him. This has impacted my family, as I feel less demanding toward my children and husband, thus improving relationships in our house.

God has used Renew to give me genuine peace, patience, compassion, love, and self-control, rather than being controlled by anxiety, depression, anger, and self-harm.

When feeling overwhelmed, I unknowingly ground my teeth, producing jaw pain and debilitating headaches. I picked my cuticles until they bled. I had tried Christian counseling, but the root was never weeded out. Renew ministry brought Jesus right into the center of my painful memories and to the root of the pain. He restored my soul with His peace. The teeth grinding is decreasing and I now have pretty cuticles and nails. Freedom!

How to Get Involved


  • Weekly training: Thursday evenings at Stonebrook Church. Contact us with the form below to get involved.
  • Video training course: an extensive, multi-part video course equipping you with tools to help others in soul care ministry. Watch the training course.

Contact Us

To learn more about Renew Ministry or to set up an appointment, contact us: