The Stonebrook Community Church Board of Trustees are responsible for maintaining the bylaws, and overseeing the financial and legal aspects of running the church.

Lead Pastor

Matt Heerema

Matt serves as pastor focusing on preaching, vision, and strategic leadership. He and his wife Nancy have four daughters. He is a musician and led in Stonebrook’s music ministry for 15 years before putting the guitar down. Matt came to Christ at a young age through the Awana program at an E-Free church. After a period of wandering in high school and early college, he became serious about his faith in college in 1999 at age 20. The call to…

Brad Barrett

Brad has a passion for teaching the Bible and making it relevant to everyday life, whether in large groups, small group Bible studies, or one-on-one counseling, and he is certified as a biblical counselor through the ministry, Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (  A few authors who have influenced him over the years are J.I. Packer (his book, Knowing God), Edward Welch (several books, including When People Are Big and God Is Small), and C.S. Lewis (especially the classic Chronicles…
Pastor, Connections, Campus Ministry

Luke Anderson

Luke is serving at Stonebrook as a pastor focusing on evangelism and discipleship, and he also leads our campus ministry efforts. He, his wife Holly, and their four children work as a team to welcome new friends into their home each year as they reach out to Iowa State and the Ames community. Luke’s passions are sports, hiking, camping, climbing, and hammocking. The things that make him come alive are building deep relationships, and helping people see God for who…

Dave Bovenmyer

Dave Bovenmyer has been a pastor since 1974. Dave is partially retired but currently coaches six community groups and leads Renew Ministry, a prayer/counseling ministry that has helped many hurting people. Happily married since 1975, Dave and Dawn are the parents of seven children and have eleven grandchildren.  Dave’s is especially passionate about his family, the care of souls, and theology.

Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson has been a bio-vocational pastor since 2018.  Currently full time Professor of Practice at Iowa State. Mike leads the Re|Engage marriage ministry at Stonebrook. Re|Engage is discipleship-based enrichment for every marriage – the healthy, the struggling, and the broken.  Mike and Judy have been happily married since 1980 and have 5 children with 12 grandchildren.
Pastor, Music Ministry

John Shields

John is the worship pastor at Stonebrook Church. He has been captivated by music from a young age and is passionate about using music to proclaim the glories of God, particularly the saving work of Jesus. You’re likely to find him singing and playing guitar in worship, but he’s been known to play another instrument or two. His approach to worship is liturgically-minded, Bible-engaged, and Christ-centered. He has been married to his wonderful wife Julia since summer of 2010, and…
Office Administrator

Daniel Bush

Daniel works part-time for Stonebrook as an Executive Administrator, managing all administration aspects of the church. He also works part-time at Pressure Point Cleaners, a power washing company in Ames, helping people schedule cleanings for their homes. He and his wife, Lydia, serve the Music Ministry on Sunday Mornings by mixing on the soundboard (Daniel) and singing on stage (Lydia). In his spare time, he enjoys playing board games, video games, and card games, listening to music, mixing music, and…

Ben Wyatt

Ben has been married to his wife Jing since July 2016 and they live together with two beautiful little daughters and two cats. He has been working in the financial services industry since 2007, currently specializing in metrics reporting and data analysis.