Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

The Family Plan: Stonebrook’s Visionfamily-plan



Our passion is to love God and all people by living, proclaiming, and teaching the Gospel of Jesus, God’s Messiah.

(Read more about Stonebrook’s mission)


We seek to glorify God by seeing many hundreds of Ames area residents become devoted followers of Jesus Christ, and many thousands hear the Gospel message.


We seek to accomplish this in ways that are in line with Stonebrook’s “Seven Pillars” and GCC’s Core Values.

Stonebrook’s Pillars:

  1. Fervently devoted to Christ
  2. Biblically minded
  3. Founded on integrity
  4. Family focused
  5. Committed to biblical community
  6. Socially responsible
  7. Evangelistically bold

(Listen to our 2012 sermon series on our “seven pillars”)

GCC’s Core Values:

  1. Grace of God
  2. Commitment to God and His Word
  3. Great Commission
  4. Church
  5. Church leadership
  6. Love and unity
  7. Raising godly families
  8. Every member a minister

(Read more about GCC’S Core Values)

What we aim to be:

To this end we will, by God’s grace, implement a spiritual formation process that will work toward these outcomes:

  1. Foster an authentic, life-giving, biblical walk with God for each member
  2. Cultivate biblically-ordered, kingdom-minded households
  3. Establish a growing network of well-organized and well-shepherded small-groups
  4. Gather these small groups together for joy-filled, intergenerational corporate worship
  5. Ignite in the whole church a spirit of mission-minded, intentional involvement in all spheres of life
  6. Mobilize the whole church to frequent and ongoing evangelism and missions on the local, national, and international level
  7. Develop fruitful partnerships with evangelical churches and ministries
  8. As we work toward this goal and establish these outcomes, we will extend this vision to dozens of unreached or under-reached towns and cities through Bible studies, church plants, possible satellite congregations.

(Listen to our 2013 sermon series on Stonebrook’s vision)

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