Renew Training Resources

Renew Training Resources

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Join the Renew Ministry Team as we equip believers in Christ with tools to help us transform their own hearts and the hearts of others who are troubled in soul or stuck in their journey toward Christlikeness.

I’m Dave Bovenmyer and I’ve been a pastor since 1974. For the last 18 years my wife, Dawn, and I have been leading this ministry, helping those who are struggling with hurts, habits, or hang ups to find God’s healing, life-transforming truth.

Module Overview

Module 1: Why Soul Care

We would like to challenge you to join us on a journey of the heart as we seek to establish the gospel and the church at the very center of soul healing and transformation.

Module 2: Basic Principles

Learn how to look below the water line of the heart in order to identify and uproot deep-seated falsehoods embedded in life experience.

Module 3: Biblical Groundwork

We can have full confidence that the principles undergirding Renew Soul Care Ministry are thoroughly Biblical and key ingredients of Biblical life change.

Module 4: Essential Elements

Through a relatively simple approach and through the leading of the Holy Spirit, learn to understand and care for even the most fractured and conflicted inner world.

Module 5: Working with Parts

Using a robust model based on the principles of family dynamics, learn how to uncover and heal the hurts that fuel our habits and hang ups.

Helpful Information and Supplemental Materials

Renew Ministry Cheat Sheet
Getting to Know Your Inner World Exercise

Module Content

Module 1: Why Soul Care

1.1Introduction and Overview
1.2I’d Like to Recruit You to Soul Care Ministry
1.3My Interest and Journey into Soul Care
1.4Soul Care Belongs in the Church
1.5How Soul Care Benefits the Church

Module 1 Slides
Module 1 Transcript

Module 2: Basic Principles

2.1Look Below the Water Line
2.2Association, Triggering & Emotion
2.3The Power of Experience
2.4Necessary Conditions for Uprooting Falsehoods

Module 2 Slides
Module 2 Transcript

Module 3: Biblical Groundwork

3.1Biblical Support for Renew Ministry
3.2Biblical Support, Part two
3.3How Renew Fits into Sanctification
3.4The Bible’s Sufficiency for Soul Care
3.5Answering Objections

Module 3 Slides
Module 3 Transcript

Module 4: Essential Elements

4.1Holy Spirit Involvement
4.2Discerning the Spirit’s Presence
4.3Natural Multiplicity
4.4Types of Inner Parts
4.5Understanding the Self
4.6Blending and Un-blending

Module 4 Slides
Module 4 Transcript

Module 5: Working With Parts

5.1Before You Start
5.2Diving In
5.3The Five Steps
5.4Working with Protectors
5.5Working with Protectors, Part two
5.6Unburdening Exiled Parts
5.7Keys to Long-Term Effectiveness

Module 5 Slides
Module 5 Transcript