Sermons by Matt Heerema (Page 3)

Sermons by Matt Heerema (Page 3)

Matt serves as lead pastor, and focuses on teaching, leadership, and theological development. He and his wife Nancy have four daughters. He is a musician and led in Stonebrook’s music ministry for 15 years before putting the guitar down. Matt is an avid reader and massive sci-fi geek. As a bi-vocational pastor, he also directs Mere Agency whose goal is to help the church use the web to impact the world with the gospel. You can connect with him at

Serving The City Through Our Vocations

When we hear about the idea if “good works” while reading the Bible or listening to a sermon, we usually think of “spiritual” work, praying, missionary work, evangelism, charity, etc. But Paul is talking about much more than that: “Good works” include every type of task, including your 9-5 job, your housework, your homework… everything. God cares about every single task you undertake, and every single task you undertake is an opportunity to bring him glory and serve him.

Strengthening Families: The Gospel is the Power for a Strong Family

In his letter to the Ephesians Paul tells believers that they have “every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places.” Do you feel this way in your family situation? A pillar of Stonebrook’s ministry is “strengthening families”. Marriage, parenting, being a kid, being a member of a household, we want these relationships to be strong and thriving. The Gospel is the power source for the kind of strength we are after. Lets find out how together as we continue our Pillars series and walking through Ephesians together.

Worship, Scattered – The Christian Life, Monday through Saturday

Summary: We gather together on Sunday AM, from all walks of life, all backgrounds, all situations, to join our streams of worship as one in order to encourage and instruct one another. To remind each other of the Gospel, and to send each other out on Gospel mission. What are we sending ourselves out to do?  The Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) – Make disciples from all the nations. Baptizing them in the name of the father, son, and holy spirit,…

Worship Gathered – Why do we do what we do on Sunday AM

The Myths: Myth 1: The Bible doesn’t say much about what we are supposed to do on Sunday AM. We can pretty much just make stuff up. Truth: The bible gives us much clear instruction on our gatherings Myth 2: Sunday AM is a good, but optional part of the Christian life. Truth: Sunday AM is a vital, commanded part of the Christian life Acts 2:42-46 – Devotion to “the fellowship”, all things in common Hebrews 10:24 – “Don’t neglect…

Biblically Minded: Sola Scriptura

Please turn to 2 Timothy 3:14-17 Today we’re continuing our series on Stonebrook’s “Pillars”, our core values, or the things we believe summarize a Christian’s life.  And this morning from this text I want to show you that the Bible is the only source of authority for understanding the spiritual life, and it alone is what is needed to be completely equipped to do God’s will. Let’s read together: 14 But as for you, continue in what you have learned and…

The Children of God

John’s first epistle is written to a church under attack from false teaching of those he calls “anti-Christs” – who deny that the gospel is sufficient for salvation, that you must have special spiritual knowledge, and that you don’t need to be concerned about your behavior. John focuses this part of his first letter on reinforcing the teaching (the gospel) he delivered to them at the very beginning, encouraging them to remain in it and not to follow these false teachers. 

Stewardship – One for every ten – The Tithe

Most of us who have been around the church for any length of time are aware of the idea of “tithes and offerings”. We might even be aware that “the bible teaches we should give 10% of our income to the local church” – but does it really? What is the tithe? Should Christians tithe? Are you tithing? Does it matter? How much should you be giving? To who? How often? This sermon continues our series on giving by examining…

The First Coming of Christ, part 2: Mary’s response

As we continue the story of Jesus’s first coming, we find Gabriel now appearing to Mary. Luke’s account of Gabriel’s conversation with Mary tells us much about who this child will be: the fulfillment of prophecy, and a very unique individual at that. We learn important truths about Jesus’s nature, and we see a right response to God’s revelation: faith even through amazed wonder at seemingly impossible promises.

The First Coming of Christ, part 2: Mary's response

As we continue the story of Jesus’s first coming, we find Gabriel now appearing to Mary. Luke’s account of Gabriel’s conversation with Mary tells us much about who this child will be: the fulfillment of prophecy, and a very unique individual at that. We learn important truths about Jesus’s nature, and we see a right response to God’s revelation: faith even through amazed wonder at seemingly impossible promises.

The Crucifixion: To Fulfill the Scriptures

Each of the 4 Gospels contains a detailed account of the Gospel. John’s Gospel contains three events that are uniquely declared to have happened “in order to fulfill the scriptures.” We will discuss the reasons John specifically declares this and its significance for our lives today: that we may believe, and have life.

You will have Trouble, but Take Heart

As we live life following Jesus, we are going to face trouble, persecution, and perhaps even the threat of death for our faith. But we will have everything we need: God knows and is in control, he provides everything we need for the mission through The Holy Spirit and through answered prayer, take heart: we will be with Jesus again soon.

Walk in the Light While You Have It

We are now a little over half-way through John’s gospel, and we are coming to an end of John’s record of his public ministry. Jesus realizes that “the hour has come”, and he gives a final exhortation to all who will hear him: “Walk in the light, lest the darkness overtake you.” A final exhortation to believe that he is God’s Messiah. John records this exhortation for us: respond to Jesus while we still have the opportunity.

John 10 – The Good Shepherd

Download sermon notes and discussion questions: (PDF, DOC) Today we continue our study of John in chapter 10. Jesus gives some of the most reassuring words in all the gospels. Jesus is the good shepherd. He calls to his people, his sheep, who know his voice, will follow him, and will never be cast out. If we are his sheep, if we believe he is the messiah, we can be sure he will never cast us away, even when the world…
Reignite, Part 2 - The Plan

Reignite Part 2: The Plan

Stonebrook’s whole ministry is designed around this task: helping one another abide in Jesus love, and live with it in full view, every day of our lives.
Reignite, Part 1, Stonebrook DNA

Reignite, part 1 – Stonebrook DNA

(Download: SERMON SLIDES.PDF, sermon notes and discussion questions: .PDF, .DOCX) Last week, this week, and next, we are taking a short break from our walk-through study of John’s Gospel. This week and next we wanted to spend some time here before we begin the ministry year, to take a step back and talk through the foundation of who we are as a church, and talk about our theme for this ministry year: Reigniting a commitment to Stonebrook’s core mission and…

The Savior of the Whole World

In the 3rd and 4th chapter’s of his gospel, John highlights Jesus’s interaction with three very different individuals: a Sadducee, a Samaritan adulteress, and a royal official. Jesus reveals himself to all of them as the Son of God, the promised Messiah, and the savior of the whole world. He shows no partiality due to their religious or political affiliations, their social status, nor their ethnicity. All are invited to believe in him. We are meant to learn from his example and do likewise: love, serve, and invite everyone to faith in Jesus.

Counterfeit Truth

Since the very beginning of creation, mankind has been under the attack of lies about God, and false teaching about the truth. Far from improving over time, false teaching accumulates over the years, and our culture is soaked in it. Many popular books, radio programs, songs, TV shows, and even movies that claim to be “Christian” contain old lies that the church has labeled as “heresy” for hundreds of years. How can we be on guard against these lies ourselves, and how can we help defend one another in the church from being led astray? Join us this Sunday to find out.

Relationships: The Transition

The Scripture defines only a handful of male-female relationships. Parent-Child, Siblings, and spouses. We in the church are told to treat each other as family, along these lines. What does the transition from sibling to spouse look like? The world sends us many messages regarding dating, marriage, and sexuality, are any of them useful to us? What does dating look like for christians? Join us as we seek to discern cultural expectations (both worldly and our in-house evangelical culture) from biblical principle, and see how God might lead us here.

Go and Be Reconciled

(Download this manuscript and discussion questions (PDF format, Word format) Today we are going to talk about forgiveness. Probably one of the most central concepts to the entire Christian faith. The very core of the message of Christianity is a restored relationship between the creator God and the capstone of his creation: mankind. The key to that restored relationship, restored fellowship, is the act of divine forgiveness of our sin and rebellion. That forgiveness was costly. God, the Father, gave…

Believe and Be Baptized!

Baptism is one of the most important events and concepts in the Christian faith. Christians have understood baptism in several different ways throughout the centuries. At Stonebrook, we practice “believer’s baptism” as an expression and testimony of our new birth through faith in Christ. It is a command from Jesus, to be done by all who believe, as soon as possible after they believe. We will discuss the different understandings of baptism, what we believe and why, and who should be baptized and when!