Sermons by Matt Heerema (Page 8)

Sermons by Matt Heerema (Page 8)

Matt serves as lead pastor, and focuses on teaching, leadership, and theological development. He and his wife Nancy have four daughters. He is a musician and led in Stonebrook’s music ministry for 15 years before putting the guitar down. Matt is an avid reader and massive sci-fi geek. As a bi-vocational pastor, he also directs Mere Agency whose goal is to help the church use the web to impact the world with the gospel. You can connect with him at

The New Birth

This message is about the theological concept of The New Birth or what it means to be “Born Again”.  Matt takes a slightly different approach in presenting this material and shares his life’s story, showing how the new birth impacted his life and quite literally in many ways changed him into a new person.


We are in the middle of a series here at The Rock called “I Believe.” We are teaching through what we see to be the fundamentals of the Christian message: The Gospel. Paul J. taught us that God is our all-powerful, all-loving, all-good, creator. John B. taught us that we are creatures that God created for Himself that we would love Him. And I get to talk about boring ol’ mundane sin. Sin: to miss the mark, to rebel, to…