Sermons from August 2020

Sermons from August 2020

Signs and Wonders

This morning we are in our fifth week of our walkthrough of the book of Acts. Please open your bibles with me to Acts chapter 3. We’ll be covering a fairly large part of scripture today. Chapter 3, about a third of chapter 4, and a bit from chapter 5. There’s  a lot going on in this section, and we’ll be making two passes through here at least to cover some important themes. This morning, I want to talk about…

Gospel Shaped Community

We might think of “church” as a building or a meeting on Sunday morning that we “have to” go to. But the first church was a gathering of passionate disciples of Jesus who lived with great joy, awe, and oneness, all inspired by their faith in the risen Savior, the long-awaited Messiah. This church’s example will inspire us to seek and find what they had.

The Message of the Ambassador

As ambassadors for Christ, we have an assignment: to announce Jesus to the world. What specifically do we announce? As we read Acts, we will learn from the simple yet rich words of Peter and other apostles and so find wisdom to announce life and hope to our world.

The Beginning of the End

We continue our walk through of Acts this week by looking at the very beginning of “The Last Days” – a period of time foretold by Old Testament Prophets – the age where God’s Holy Spirit is no longer limited to a single location in a single nation, but is now poured out on all who believe in Jesus, God’s Messiah. Luke chronicles the events of the beginning of “The Last Days” – Some amazing things happen! We will discuss how these events relate to us today as a church, and how we too should proclaim the mighty works of God to all nations.