Sermons from December 2020

Sermons from December 2020

New Beginnings

We all experience moments in our lives where we need a fresh start. A new beginning. The gospel, the story of Jesus Christ, offers a new beginning unlike anything else, a fresh start on life where God forgives sinners and makes them brand new. New creations. How can we experientially walk in this new life?

God’s Purposes in the Exile

God was powerfully at work even during the darkest, bleakest period of Israel’s history. The book of Daniel records some of the amazing things God did while Israel was captive in a foreign nation. Some of his purposes in the Exile were to reprove sin, refine faith, rescue from danger, reach the world, and reveal the future. There is a real sense that all of us, like Daniel, are in captivity, exiled from Eden, strangers in a foreign land and far from our true home. Yet God is at work in our lives with the same objectives as we see in the book of Daniel.

Esther and the Invisible God

Though God may often seem absent to us, he is conspicuously present in our lives to help us. He is our ever-present help in trouble. We will journey through the Book of Esther, and though God is never mentioned directly, his fingerprints are all over this remarkable story of rescue. From this story and especially from the ultimate rescue of Christ the Savior, our faith will be strengthened and our worship increased.

Rescue: Famine

This advent season, we are looking at  stories of God’s amazing rescues of his people through history. This week we are going to examine the life of Joseph as recounted in Genesis. We will see God’s amazing rescue of Joseph, and then using him to rescue the fledgling nation of Israel, and the whole world from a global famine. In this story we will learn that we can find hope and safety in God’s promises, no matter our circumstances on…