Sermons from August 2022

Sermons from August 2022

Luke 24 – The Resurrection: From Suffering to Glory

Though Jesus’ own disciples were highly skeptical that he actually rose from the dead, they were persuaded when they saw him and when he proved from the Scriptures what they should have already seen and believed. This Sunday we will read about what is arguably the most important event in history: the resurrection. We’ll discover some powerful implications for us in our daily lives, such as addressing our doubts and our source for truth.

Luke 22:66-23:25 – The Trials of Jesus and the Wisdom of the Crowds

This week we come to one of the most confounding scenes in the gospel narrative, Jesus’s trial before the Jewish Council, Pilate, Herod, and the Crowds. We see Jesus rightly identified as The Son of God, the Messiah, the King of the universe. We see him falsely accused of crimes he did not commit. We see him acquitted by both Jewish and Roman political authorities. But we see him taken away by the crowd to be murdered. In all this we get a glimpse into our own sinful hearts, and marvel at Jesus’s mission to save the world.

Luke 22:39-65 – Triumphing Over Temptation

Today’s passage contains the story of how three individuals responded to temptation. One response was catastrophic (Judas), one grievously disloyal (Peter), and one heroic (Jesus). We’ll look at Jesus’ heroic triumph over temptation and seek to learn how we can prepare ourselves to endure temptation. For there will likely be times when Satan will demand to sift us like wheat.